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 Morhedel Dawnstrike

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PostSubject: Morhedel Dawnstrike   Morhedel Dawnstrike Icon_minitimeThu Feb 19 2009, 17:25

((Sorry that it's taken me so long to put something up on the forum. I apologise if it's a bit of a Wall O' Text))

Full name: Morhedel Dawnstrike
Class: Warlock
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 80

Morhedel was born in a small village on the outskirts of what was Quel’thalas,
the illegitimate son of Selmariel Dawnstrike and an unknown father. A young mage of good family with a promising career as a magestrix ahead of her, Selmariel retired to the academy to teach and spare the family from the embarrassment of raising a bastard within Quel’thalas society.

In the days before the Scourge he was a competent if lazy young mage. He was far more interested in the secret study of demonology and living the dissolute life of a young man of means than in his official classes. During the Scourge war, when the battle mages and other arcane users suffered horrific losses, he was pressed into service as an instructor to less experienced pupils. He was eventually seconded to a group of Farstriders escorting civilians as they sought refuge in the city when the outlying areas around Tranquillen fell. After the destruction of the Sunwell, Morhedel used the knowledge he had gained from his elicit studies to protect himself from the madness and hunger that he saw overtake other elves. He never returned to the academy. Instead he went back to the newly renamed Silvermoon City to seek out others who could teach him how to use the dark arts of a Warlock.

Morhedel can be quite charming in company and has a quick wit. However this wit is sometimes used for almost childish insults and double entendtres. He has an obsessive nature although he doesn’t see this as a flaw, rather a necessity to a demonologist who must always be on his guard against the machinations of his minions. Morhedel has a terror of Fel Reavers ever since he saw them stalking across the scoured land of Hellfire Peninsula they have haunted his nightmares. There are some things that even a warlock fears as corrupted and terrible.

Morhedel is a highly skilled jeweller and loves the craft. As well as providing an admirable income, he takes great pleasure in the fine detailed work. He appreciates fine clothing and recons himself to be a man of taste and refinement. A couple of years ago, when he was under considerable stress, a friend suggested fishing as a healthier alternative to drinking and bloodthistle. Although his early attempts were met with considerable frustration, (“Why can’t I just rain fire and death on to the pond and sweep up their miserable corpses afterwards?”) he now pursues his scaly adversaries with the same obsession that drives his other work.

How did you here about the guild forum?
Originally on the We Are Legion forum

What I expect from the guild
I really wanted to find a place with good and well thought out Blood Elf RP. The Blood Elf race have so much interesting history and so many archetypes to play with that it seems a shame not to play with it.
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Morhedel Dawnstrike
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