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 Yariesa Arekkusu

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PostSubject: Yariesa Arekkusu   Wed May 13 2009, 16:45

Name: Yariesa Arekkusu
Class: Far Strider (Hunter)
Race: Sin’dorei (blood Elf)
Level: 4 (ATM)

Short Biography : She come from a family of Far Striders, both her parent where Far Striders. Her mother had a cat, Diana, which she used to scout. Her father’s Dragonhawk, Kin-u, so it was only natural that she would follow suit. From an early age Yariesa show an aptitude with ranged weapons, from bows to more powerful guns, also she had a habit of taking the guns and other devices apart to learn how they worked. As well as this the young Sin’dorei could easily bond with animals, her mother and fathers companions were no exception to this. As Yariesa has come of age she has decided to travel and assist where she can.

How you heard of the guild forum : Yei

What you expect from the guild : some fun and RP
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PostSubject: Re: Yariesa Arekkusu   Wed May 13 2009, 16:50

Bal'a dash and salutations, Yariesa! Glad to have you making an application to the guild. I'm certaint that we'll be able to get some time to meet up for an ic-interview and get you into the guild!
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Yariesa Arekkusu
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