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 Zithias Sunfire

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PostSubject: Zithias Sunfire   Sun Aug 09 2009, 21:34

(I might aswell set up an application for Zithias, and for those who don't know, I was the former Equinox in the guild)

Full name: Zithias Sunfire
Class: Mage, titled Magister of Silvermoon before entering Sang Real.
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 80

Zithias was born in Suncrown Village, although his family were most hunters, Zithias found the magic more intresting then hunting.
So later on in his life he started an apprenticehood of "The Magisters, Clergy of the Arcane" (see
Later on, the Amani trolls attacks upon Quel'thalas was a little to much for the elves to handle in the big run, so they turned to the humans for help, which they in turn wanted 100 human wizards to be trained by the elf in the arts of magic, for their help against the Amani.
Zithias was one of the wizards now to leave Quel'thalas for further studies in the newly formed Dalaran after the Troll wars.
Zithias spent most of his time in this city of magic, only visiting Quel'thalas on buiness or his family shortly now and then, otherwise he stayed inside the arcane walls of the Magecity.

Until the word came to Dalaran that Quel'thalas was in ashes, by the Scourge.
He left Dalaran which most of the elfs there and their Prince Kael'thas to return to their homeland and help the survivors.
He remaind in Kael's army for some time, Kael left for Outland in the search for the newly formed Blood elfs 'paradise', Zithias joined him and the other Blood elf's in their quest for this paradise, until the Prince gave order that some should return to Quel'thalas and start rebuilding their city to it's former glory.
Zithias remaind in Quel'thalas to help with the rebuilding of Silvermoon and has been since.
Zithias was extremly loyal to his Prince, until the mad Prince attacked his own people to claim the Naaru he so kindly have given his own people, there Zithias lost his faith in the Prince and pledged himself total loyalty to Silvermoon and the Magisters.

As a mage, Zithias is of course curious about the unknown and have been since long a skilled Alchemist, and tries to mix his mastery of the Arcane with this kind of profession makes him an pretty skilled Transmuter.

How did you here about the guild forum?
From Turidas acually.

What I expect from the guild
Wanted good Blood elven RP, and I found it.
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Zithias Sunfire
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