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 Equinoix biography

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PostSubject: Equinoix biography   Sat Jul 19 2008, 23:41

Name: Equinoix
Class: Blood Knight(Paladin)
Race: Sin'dorei/Blood elf

Biography :
Equinoix lived a rather peaceful life in the village Suncrown Village.
He only had one battle experience before, in the second war when the Trolls invaded Quel'Thals with the aid of the Orcs.
Most of the time he was an gatewatcher of the outer elven gate.
When the war was over he had as said before a rather peaceful life with his family in Suncrown Village and was trained under his father Avellan to elven blacksmithing.
Then the Scourge came.
A massive attack upon what now is called Ghostlands and the village of Suncrown did never had a chance, they never knew what hit them before it was to late.
Strangely he managed to survive the attack and the Farstriders came with reinforcement to fight back the undead monsters(with no success) and pick up wounded, in there was Equinoix.
Unconscience for 2 weeks and hidden within the mountains of Ghostlands he never got the chance to fight the Scourge.
When word came out that the Silvermoon had been retaken, and that the Prince Kael'thas had given them a Naaru to feed the hunger upon, then he decided to join the Blood Knight order and make justice to the Blood elven race.
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PostSubject: Re: Equinoix biography   Sun Jul 20 2008, 23:23

Very well put.

I am very pleased to have you within the Ranks of the Sang Real. I am sure you will be a credit to us.

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Equinoix biography
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