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 App Navisu

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PostSubject: App Navisu   Thu Jun 03 2010, 20:23

Name: Navisu
Class: Rogue
Race: Bloos Elf

Level: 22 and leveling

Short Biography : It's my first rp server. I used to be with the professionals (for 24 hours).

How you heard of the guild forum : From Mariell, member of Sang Real

What you expect from the guild : mostly to do (try) some good rp (that's why i'm in this server), and of course hanging with nice people. xD

See you later =)
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PostSubject: Re: App Navisu   Thu Jun 03 2010, 20:26

Ahoi and welcome to the forum!

While missing the slight detail of that I would like to have your 'characters' biograph, that must mean I made a mistake on the example. Therefor: Looking forward to have you in the guild!


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App Navisu
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