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 Angr˛d Sheets's application.

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Angr˛d S

PostSubject: Angr˛d Sheets's application.   Mon Jun 21 2010, 15:41

Name: Angr˛d Sheets
Class: Paladin
Race: Sin Dorei
Level: 5

Short Biography (Of your character) :

Angr˛d is a casual looking Blood Elf. Yet, his chest is slighly larger and his thick arms are well trained. That is cause he occupies most of his time at the training grounds. Angr˛d is being trained up by a Master Paladin, to become a 'Master of The Light" in his future life. Purge all the corruption out of this cruel world. Striking his way through the enemy lines by holding his mighty sword, and being guided by the Light!
On his first mission, he was send as 'Royal Guard' of his Paladin Master at the colossal walls of Wintergrasp. Horde was gathering up. Banging noises of the battle drums went through bone and marrow.The sun was hiding behind the dark clouds as if it was affraid to watch this spectacle. And suddently, the bloody assault began. No words can describe what was going on there. Painfull roars were controlling the battlefield. Everyone smashed his axe, casted harmfull spells at everything that moved. But.. Horde lost territory, and troops were getting tin.
His leader commanded the last legions to retreat. They began to make their way back to Silvermoon. Their heads held down. A piece of everyones soul died that day. The young, spoiled brat that once used to be Angr˛d.. Was no more.
On their way back home, the commander decided to do as much harm to the Alliance villages as possible. At one point, Angr˛d received an order to burn down an orphanage. He couldnt do it. So he decided to flee away, not wanting to be part of such a massacre.

His dad is a rich and well known cloth merchant named Keelen Sheets. He obtains different shops, and is a respected man, having plenty of connections. He was the person that forced his son to become a Paladin, since Angr˛d didnt even know the meaning of 'discipline'. You can imagen that Angr˛d was.. Well.. Still is angry at his father for that decision. However, his dad bribed several people so his son wouldnt be assasinated for being a deserter.

This small chronicle explains why he hates violence. He is seeking for some kind of 'justice'. Angr˛d controls his healing- and protecting abilities fairly good, however he never ended his Paladin 'class'. He is able to cast protective shields, powerfull blessings and much much more,...
One more thing. Angr˛d doesnt like physical pain, but he does know how to break somone emotional. He has a big mouth, and doesnt like to be told off.
Besides that, he is a man of his word and loyal till the bitter end.

How you heard of the guild forum : Cßssienne (<3 )

(This isn't a must.) What you expect from the guild : To have a good time! (:
O, and.. Im into RP for over 3 years now on another realm named Steamwheedle Cartel. But.. Never played as Paladin, so I hope I get the opportunity to explore the Holy Path!Wink

Many thanks for reading!

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PostSubject: Re: Angr˛d Sheets's application.   Mon Jun 21 2010, 17:20

Hello and welcome to the Sang Real forum!

A most interesting read, that! I think you're more than qualified for joining into Sang Real. Only one thing: First you need to hit the level of 20. After that, however, you're welcome aboard to our rock-on-a-pillar.. er... boat! Yes!



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Angr˛d Sheets's application.
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