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 Nemorosa Shade

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PostSubject: Nemorosa Shade   Wed Jul 14 2010, 02:22

Name: Nemorosa Shade
Class: Ranger (Hunter)
Race: Sin'dorei
Level: 33

Short Biography (Of your character) :
Prior to Arthas' invasion of Quel'Thalas the High elven Shade family where a well respected part of the bougeois of Tranquillen. The family owned a small estete just west of the town where they cultivated herbs, spices and flowers. Nemorosa was born into this, a very safe, loving and peaceful, enviorment together with her two elder sisters.

This ended abruptly when the Scourge arrived. Confident that they could not be harmed the family remained at their home, until the first barrier where broken. The elves that could fled north. Nemorosa and her eldest sister where able to leave for Silvermoon City. The rest of the family perished and the estate burned when the undead ravaged that which is today the Ghostlands. When Quel'Thalas fell the remaining two sisters got separated and are still searching for eachother to this day.

By the time that Silvermoon fell Nemorosa had, as one of the younger elfs, been taken to safe ground under the protection of the Farstriders. Her upbringing has after that been the one of a ranger, trained with bow and blade. Now this young elf has set out to explore Azeroth, and beyond, and to fruther develop her skills.

How you heard of the guild forum: Googled the guild name

What you expect from the guild: Good RP. Very Happy Leveling. Perhaps some raids at higher level.
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PostSubject: Re: Nemorosa Shade   Wed Jul 14 2010, 03:10

Hello and welcome to Atop the.. wrong line!

Greetings and welcome to the forum!

I've read through your application and I find it most interesting, truly. Though when it gets to the raiding part... well... maybe in Cataclysm, who knows. ANYWAY! I thank you for taking time writing the application and I will contact you as soon as possible!

Love and Peace!
-Benjamin / Turidas


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PostSubject: Re: Nemorosa Shade   Wed Jul 14 2010, 03:31

(eller tack, som det heter på swedish)
I look forward to you contacting me online.
I hope it's alright if I drop an "Hello" if I happen to see you online aswell...

and concerning the raiding part, it's not that important. I just got an issue getting over "regular" WoW, where that is a major part. RP is so much fun, do I have to choose?

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PostSubject: Re: Nemorosa Shade   Mon Sep 20 2010, 17:01

Come in the guild you! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Nemorosa Shade   

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Nemorosa Shade
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