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 Kuriel's application

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Kuriel's application Empty
PostSubject: Kuriel's application   Kuriel's application Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20 2010, 21:31

Name: Kuriel Whitecloud
Class: Ranger (Hunter)
Race: Sin'dorei
Level: 41
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Biography (Of your character) :
Descendant to a family with great tradition withing the Blood Knights order, since very young Kuriel defied the imposed destiny he was was not willing to suffer. Upon constant defying of his father's words, Kuriel flees from home, leaving behind his Father Galandel, mother Celes and younger brother Kauriel without ever turning or looking back.

After years of wandering Azeroth and learning the ways of the wild, the bow became an extension of his body, one he wields with grand grace and superb accuracy. One day while wandering the streets of Silvermoon City, he caught news of his parents demise. He quickly headed home where no one resided anymore. Upon searching and investigating, he learned that his younger brother joined the order he sought to escape so much.

He now looks after his brother from a distance to ensure he doesn't befall the same grim fate as their parents.
Quiet and collected, he is ready to defend what he deems correct and honorable. He will lay his life to protect his brother without a second's hesitation.

How you heard of the guild forum: Reference from a friend.

What you expect from the guild: Fair and decent RP, lots of funny and pleasant moments and above all, friendship. Very Happy
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Kuriel's application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kuriel's application   Kuriel's application Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20 2010, 21:34

Hello and welcome to The Knify One's Saw work forum! ...Also known as the Sang Real forum. 'Nyway! Thank you for writing down the application! I am looking forward to be seeing you soon and start up an interview with you your-not-so-familiar-sounding-name brother!

Peace and Love!
-Benjamin / Turidas

Kuriel's application Penguin1
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Kuriel's application
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