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 Tips on the IC-Interview.

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PostSubject: Tips on the IC-Interview.   Wed Jul 21 2010, 18:59

Some useful things for the interview. While it's very easy, Turidas (Or any other high ranked members who handles the recruitments) will -NOT- accept someone who seems completely lost.

1: Make sure your character is totally in character. Very important so that Turidas and others knows who he or she recruits.

2: Make sure your character knows who Sang Real is. They will not personally go ask if you'd be interested in joining the Sang Real unless proven very well that your character can handle it.

3: Your character must show some backbone. If it'd be one who can barely speak and stutter, Sang Real may not be interested. In rare cases, they might give them a test.


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Tips on the IC-Interview.
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