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 Payment For Serving The Land.

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Payment For Serving The Land. Empty
PostSubject: Payment For Serving The Land.   Payment For Serving The Land. Icon_minitimeWed Aug 18 2010, 22:07

To serve the land is a very important task, but would be a problem if you live with trashed weapons and armor and live on merely bread and water. That is why payment is a good way to keep the soldiers fresh, giving them higher moral and be able to survive better. Depending on the rank you stand in within the Sang Real, you gain more payment:

Blade: 5 gold.
Squire: 10 gold.
Knight: 25 gold.
Knight-General: 50 gold.
Knight-Champion: 100 gold.
Lieutenant: 100 gold.
Guardians: 150 gold.
Grand Masters: 150 gold.
Ambassador: 150 gold.

Payments will take place every mid-month meeting.

((No, not for you people (You know who you are) who rarely log in.))

Payment For Serving The Land. Penguin1
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Payment For Serving The Land.
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