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 Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]]

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Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]] Empty
PostSubject: Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]]   Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 20 2010, 17:56

Name: Calithramir Sin'drath
Class: Warlock
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 38

Short Biography (Of your character) :
Calithramir Sin'drath was a follower of Kael'thas Sunstrider. Just like the rest of his people. Draining Arcane Energy from The Sunwell everyday. None of them really new how dependent they were of its magic.

That was of course, until the scourge attacked there land and The Sunwell was destroyed. They all knew that the Arcane Magic was an addiction. They were renamed to the Sin'dori.. Or Blood Elfs. They turned to Kael'thas Sunstrider for answers. Kael'thas promised them a cure, from Illidan Stormrage, a Demon who was said to offer a way in which they could survive. Kael'thas left them to join him in Outland, he said that he would one day reture to lead them to glory.

Kael'thas returend, with a new energy. Fel Magic. The Blood Elfs were draining power from Demons... Which made Calithramir a Warlock.

Long after Kael'thas Sunstrider's power was taken from him, Calithramir began to study Warlock. Until he was interupted when Kael'thas Sunstrider returned.

Kael'thas promised the Blood Elves final deliverance. He attempted to summan Kil'jaeden, a Burning Legion lord, into Azeroth. But The Shatted Sun and the Hero's of Azeroth stopped Kil'jaeden.

Now Calithramir carrys on his studies as a Warlock. He live alone as his family was mostly wiped out when the scourge invaded.He has been living in Silvermoon ever since. He has learned how to fight and defend himself, using dark magic and demons. He strike fear into heart of my enemys and drain there soul out from there very bodies...

Calithramir Sin'drath... Blood Elf Warlock.

How you heard of the guild forum: Turidas

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Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]]   Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 20 2010, 19:38

Hello and welcome! Thank you for your application!

It's an interesting story... problem is that it's mostly about the story of the blood elves: not mainly about your character, but good enough. In the long run, Calithramir will be making sure that draining souls will be one of his less entertaining hobbies. I'll contact you whenever we're both available!

-Benjamin / Turidas

Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]] Penguin1
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Calithramir Sin'drath [[Application]]
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