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 Colleenx Pureblood

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PostSubject: Colleenx Pureblood   Sun Sep 05 2010, 16:59

Name: Colleenx Pureblood
Class: Paladin
Level: 27

Colleenx is a strong-willed redheaded Paladin. Like all women with red hair, she has a fiery personality and she is not shy about picking a fight. She secretly belongs to a small group of Blood Elves who believe that their people are too good to be part of the Horde. They have no sympathy for Orcs, Trolls, Taurens, and Forsaken. Their goal is an alliance with all other Elven races, including Night Elves, to reclaim Azeroth from the chaos by which is dominated. A woman of faith, Colleenx serves the cause as a Paladin and hates everything which is even remotely in contrast with the sacred honor of the Sin'dorei and dwells in darkness.

OOC: I am an active player who would like to experience some quality RP. I am married, so I am not able to be online 24/7, but I will do my best to play as much as possible. My main character is a Human Paladin on Neptulon with 9560 Achievement Points, including Battlemaster, Loremaster, Kingslayer, Exalted, and many others.
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PostSubject: Re: Colleenx Pureblood   Sun Sep 05 2010, 19:50

Hello and Welcome and Salutations and all-those-things!

Thank you for taking time writing you application; I wll try to make time ASAP and have an interview with you IC-wise!

- Benjamin / Turidas


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PostSubject: Re: Colleenx Pureblood   Mon Sep 20 2010, 16:58

*wants you in the guild*
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PostSubject: Re: Colleenx Pureblood   

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Colleenx Pureblood
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