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 Application for Widron Blacksun.

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PostSubject: Application for Widron Blacksun.   Thu Sep 16 2010, 15:52


Name: Widron Blacksun.
Class: Death Knight.
Race: Blood Elf.
Level: 63 [Will be going up soon]

Widron Blacksun is an death knight who is not very well trainend, He only knows the basics of being a death knight. For that reason he wants to join the Sang Real, becomming a more expierenced fighter and learning from other death knights.

How i got here:
Well, i've been in the sang real before and that was because of Mart, maybe also known as Atrophos.

What i expect:
Roleplaying ofcourse!

Greetings, Simon.
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Application for Widron Blacksun.
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