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 Haloy & Halay's application

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PostSubject: Haloy & Halay's application   Fri Sep 17 2010, 13:26

Name: Haloy & Halay
Level: 71 & 71
Class: Farstrider & Death Knight

Sensual, voluptuous, and identical twin sisters born to a wealthy merchant family within the protective walls of Silvermoon City. Raised and tutored by hand-picked intellectuals, the twins are anything but plain. Pampered since infancy, they are yet to witness the unforgiving harshness of Azeroth.

Though identical in appearance, Haloy and Halay are screaming opposites. Haloy, the elder twin, is a force to be reckoned with. She is cunning, bold, opinionated, witty, outspoken, antagonizing, and precocious. Her voice is commanding and sultry, saturated with unearned pride. A natural in social gatherings, she blends tactfully in any crowd with her twin at her tail, artfully flattering and gaining the attention of those around her.

She is the proud face of her family's booming trading business, replacing her father in his absence at signing business deals and discussing elaborate trading ventures. A knowledgeable tradesman, her mind is a map of the criss-cross matrix of all the caravan trading routes.

Her manner of speech, though refined, is corrosive and hurtful. Halay is often the recipient of Haloy's displaced anger, being constantly reduced to a pitiful and cowering elf, much to the dismay of innocent bystanders.

Halay, the younger of the twins, is always seen hiding in her sister's shadow. She is quiet, emotional, shy, coy, callow, childish, and soft-spoken. Her sister's hectoring has stripped her of any responsibilities, and she has forcefully submitted. The raging fire within her has been reduced to a flickering candle by Haloy's barrage of belittlement, all her ambitions inhibited and stifled. She spends her days gazing out the window, dreaming of a world nonexistent.

On a fortuitous night in the murky sewers of Undercity, the twins set eyes on a dashing young elf by the name of Lord Hawkstrong ((Krayus)). He speaks of an elite force of the Sin'dorei, The Sang Real.

What does the future hold for the inseperable twin sisters?
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PostSubject: Re: Haloy & Halay's application   Sat Sep 18 2010, 01:08

So far so good. As for what I've been able to seen of the level of rp, it's more then adequate. So... let's do this. Very Happy
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Haloy & Halay's application
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