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 Zaktsool application

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PostSubject: Zaktsool application   Zaktsool application Icon_minitimeSun Oct 10 2010, 15:12

Name : Zaktsool Deamonshield
Race : Orc (female)
Class : Warlock

Zaktsool Deamonshield grew up in the small camp Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon nountains. Her father taught her to hunt with spear and bow and she later became one of Sun Rock's best hunters. Her mother on the other hand felt worried about Zaktsool as she once explained to her that she could feel the fear in nearby creatures and therefore locate them.
When Zaktsools father died trying to fight of the Venture company, she decided to go and search for aid for her people. She ventured into the Barrens and on her way to the crossroads she met a man, sitting by the side of the gold road. She walked over to him and saw that he sat laying cards on the dry grass. The cards was glowing with various colours and Zaktsool felt something she never had felt before. She could hear a force inside her, telling her to follow. The man looked up and gazed upon her and said "Orc, tell me what you see in the cards. Zaktsool looked at them, and there at that point she became a warlock.
Zaktsools mind has been darkened by the power of the Shadow magic. She has gained power to tell the future by meditation, and by seeing into her victims, feeling their feelings, binding them to her. Now, she follows the Shadows inside herself trying to controll them, resulting in destruction and fear. She loves it, as she knows the shadows did not find her, she had them inside herself all the time, and now she has find them.

She now seeks council at Sang Real, how they can help her people in Stonetalon, helping her controll the shadows within her and to help others aiding their own.
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PostSubject: Re: Zaktsool application   Zaktsool application Icon_minitimeSun Oct 10 2010, 15:33

Ah.. thank you very much for writing your application, Zaktool Deamonshield! But, if it would be possible, perhaps you should've read through the guild rules and such alike. Sang Real is a Blood / High Elven guild only, which it has for over three years and I am sadly not having plans on changing that. I am most sorry.

- Benjamin / Turidas

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Zaktsool application
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