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 Thalandros Bloodwrath

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PostSubject: Thalandros Bloodwrath   Wed Nov 24 2010, 20:10

Name: Thalandros Bloodwrath
Class: Warrior/Spell Breaker
Race: Blood elf.
Level: 80, of course 85 in Cataclysm.

Short Biography (Of your character):Thalandros had a normal life untill his 18th, when his mother died of an unknown disease. He had trained to be a spell-breaker before, but, didn't work hard. His mothers death made him angry at the world and he decided to go to the end in being a spell-breaker.

Thalandros is a tall, medium-haired Blood elf who fights for the glory of Quel'Thalas and the Horde. Not so long ago, the city he came to alot, has been 'destroyed'. Orgrimmar. This cause 'enraged' him. He didn't have any duty for a few years now, and he decided to get to action. The land he once lived in, loved and grew up in, has not caught the rage of DeathWing (yet). This gave him the willpower to get to action, as mentioned before and pick up his life as a Spell-Breaker again. The powerful man now wants revenge upon Deathwing, all that have suffered, and just to be useful to his race.

How you heard of the guild forum: Me, myself and I. =3

(This isn't a must.) What you expect from the guild: Being kind. =3
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PostSubject: Re: Thalandros Bloodwrath   Wed Nov 24 2010, 21:45

Intresting story =), As i am temporarily out of action i am afraid it is up to Syreli to arrange the in game interview. Forgive me this, I am deeply sorry.

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Thalandros Bloodwrath
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