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 Sigudik "Sig" Sunwhisper

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PostSubject: Sigudik "Sig" Sunwhisper   Wed Dec 01 2010, 21:57

Name: Sigudik "Sig" Sunwhisper
Class: Blood Knight (Paladin)
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 80
Short Biography (Of your character) :
Born into a family renown for their mages and warlocks. Parents, mostly his mother, wished that he would become a mage too one day, but he felt martial arts to be more of his calling. So, he entered the ranks of Blood Knights and by today has reaced the rank of "Master". The Scourge invasion has left him a little xenophobic and definitely one of the reasons why he became a Blood Knight.
He also has skill in engineering and can fix most common things and also can build most common things with blueprints.
How you heard of the guild forum :
A rogue called Teslador told me.
What you expect from the guild :
Good Sin'dorei RP.
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Sigudik "Sig" Sunwhisper
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