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 Ellendor - Application

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Ellendor - Application Empty
PostSubject: Ellendor - Application   Ellendor - Application Icon_minitimeSat Dec 04 2010, 16:47

Name: Ellendor Bloodshadow.
Class: Warrior
Race: Sin'dorei - Blood Elf.
Level: Currently level 24.

Short Biography (Of your character) :
Ellendor is a young, fiesty Blood Elf Warrior, looking for a job and a purpose in life.
He has always been good with a weapon, and was trained early in his childhood. Now he has grown older, he wants to make something out of his training, and decided to join the guild, Sang Real.

How you heard of the guild forum :
I know the boss of this place! <3

(This isn't a must.) What you expect from the guild : I expect the same fun as I had when I was in the guild a while back. I really miss it and I hope to be together with all of you again soon! ^^
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Ellendor - Application
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