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 Luxis Sorei'dar - Application

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PostSubject: Luxis Sorei'dar - Application   Sun Dec 05 2010, 22:36

Name: Luxis Sorei'dar
Class: Paladin
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 12

Short Biography (Of your character) : Luxis is very young, eager, energetic and does not know much of the world around him. He's only just left home at the age of 22 and is eager to explore the world around him. What he knows is all he's been taught by his parents. The Blood Elf and Silvermoon dynasty, old and new enemies as well as allies, and ways of the Light. His parents, who had Luxis at a rather old age, were always slightly anti-social ... but not through choice. His father an old respected paladin and his mother a military ranger caused subtle rifts with their old social circles. This has caused Luxis to not have friends as such ... which drives him more to find a purpose, a reason to live. Unfortunately having missed the friendly, social aspect of growing up has caused immaturity to still linger inside him. And thus he doesn't quite understand the Light as it perhaps should be understood ... or even benevolence as such.

How you heard of the guild forum : Ran past a Sang Real meet outside Silvermoon on a waterfall and asked someone there about the guild who gave me a link to this site! Sounded great.

(This isn't a must.) What you expect from the guild : Another home from my main server and Alliance. I'm a long time player of Argent Dawn (Guild: Kindred Spirits) for years with not much RP experience. And whilst I love my guild to pieces, I've got a tremendous itch to get some dedicated horde characters. So I'd love to meet some nice friendly people who can help me stick with my hordies Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Luxis Sorei'dar - Application   Mon Dec 06 2010, 00:37

I do believe we've got a still standing rule that you need to be level 20 to apply, however if you'd let us know when you hit 20, I'm sure we could sort something out. Though there are a few things you might need to know RP wise as you did say you haven't had a whole lot of RP experience. 2 things I notice in your application is 1. you're not a paladin, you're a blood knight. 2. if you were 22 you'd be nothing but a child as a blood elf, roughly translated as far as maturity goes I'd say somewhere between 110-130.
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PostSubject: Re: Luxis Sorei'dar - Application   Mon Dec 06 2010, 19:36

That person would be meeee ^^. And agreed with the blood knight thingy.
But the age thing I don't know.. Lots off people use IRL ages.
But Syreli is boss^^
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PostSubject: Re: Luxis Sorei'dar - Application   

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Luxis Sorei'dar - Application
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