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 Grand Magister Inika Aragua Firanus

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PostSubject: Grand Magister Inika Aragua Firanus   Sat Dec 11 2010, 18:18

Name: Inika Firanus
Class: Mage
Race: Blood Elf

Short Biography : Inika is a very smart elf, but his behaviour might seem very confusing to some.
His lifestyle is a bit messy, but when seen in action, his gaze is dead-serious and will never loosen from his foe, until death.
Furthermore, Inika is a very social elf, but in big crowds, he prefers to go sit at the side of the room, with a drink.

How you heard of the guild forum : Through Turidas

What you expect from the guild : Well, RP, some fun hopefully, and Cookies..

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Grand Magister Inika Aragua Firanus
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