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 Botharon Lightwing

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PostSubject: Botharon Lightwing   Sun Dec 12 2010, 20:34

Name: Botharon Lightwing
Class: Warrior
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 20

Botharon is a normally sized elf with long hair. He grew up in a family with one brother that served the horde. One day his brother went to join a raid on the alliance cities, he never came back. Not sure if his brother still was alive or not Botharon had to continue life. After a while a messenger was sent to tell him the awfull news: His brother died. Knowing this he wanted to become a warrior, to honor his brother. A good friend of his brother, Thalandros, was in a millitary organisation called the Sang Real.
So here i am.

How i heard from the guild: Been in it before but that was by Mart.

What do expect: It not ending the same as it ended with Widron. [What was my fault btw, not that you guys think i blame you ;]]

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PostSubject: Re: Botharon Lightwing   Sun Dec 12 2010, 21:26

Give me a whisper when you have time for an IC interview
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Botharon Lightwing
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