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 Eltharon Riverwind

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PostSubject: Eltharon Riverwind   Eltharon Riverwind Icon_minitimeMon Dec 27 2010, 17:29

Eltharon Riverwind

Eltharon, has since he was a child, taught himself what how to survive in the brutal world he was born in. But his method is different. While others might have playfought, Eltharon would play hide and seek. And while others may have practised with their swords to become knights, he would play tag. It's what kept him alive during the third war. While it has made him the ultimate coward, it made him an even better scout/spy/stalker.
When he became old enough, he got quite affiliated with the farstriders and elven rangers, who put him to use, scouting for their parties. Here he learned how to shoot deadly shots with a bow, and how to defend himself with and without a blade in close combat, though he will usually run or try to dissapear if overpowered or outnumbered.
Apart from that he is quite rude, cheeky, inconsiderate, and selfish, but can at the same time be very charming and alluring to anyone he meets. He has strong prejudices against things that smell, are dead, or barbaric, aka most of the horde, and this is why he never bothered to learn orcish, and why he doesn't get along very well with other races.

In guild chat a looong time ago.

Perhaps I hope for a bit more interactions and cooperations with other rpers and guild.
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Eltharon Riverwind
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