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 Yalson Application

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PostSubject: Yalson Application   Wed Dec 29 2010, 20:30

Name: Yalson Xerdun
Class: Beast Mastery Hunter
Race: Blood elf
Level: 83

After months of Northrend campaign against the vicious Scourge, Yalson went back home to settle down to an normal life not obligated to raise the sword for the Horde ever again. The battles at Icecrown glacier exhausted her completely and turned her into a cold killing machine not capable of grasping the new quest that she fears the most-raising her young daughter. Her mind played tricks on her as she could hear distant voices crying out for help at the filed off battle. Countless dead corpses all around her bathing in their own blood that froze instantly in the cold harsh planes. She was able to get a hold of herself and exit this wretched vision the moment the gnomish zeppelin came to Durotar. She was unaware on the dramatic changes that were made to Azeroth while she was away. Even the zeppelin crew members were shocked at the sight of the newshaped coastline that stretched beneath them. As they were accompanied by a orc windrider to the newly reshaped Orgrimmar Yalson didn't even bother to explore the new Horde military centre, instead she rushed as fast as she could to Silvermoon with a glimpse of happiness for that she will finally see her daughter after more than 2 years of absence.

All thanks goes to Turidas with who I Rp-ed way back and got a proposal to this guild. Cheers!
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Yalson Application
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