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The Sang Real, led by the Blood Lord Turidas Bloodsorrow III, previously by Kei Brightwing, is a group of Guardians of Quel'Thalas. Like the land itself, they have their main goal: To protect the land from the threats that has been towards them from both present and past.

Despite that the Sang Real is mainly only the Sin'dorei, the Quel'dorei are just as welcome. However; no other races shall take part of it, as it is not their land and they shall not take the duty to take care of our home. Neither does Sang Real take a large part of the Horde, spare from few, extreme cases.

Only few things are needed to be accepted into Sang Real: Be loyal to Silvermoon and Lor'themar. Carry out the orders you are given by either the Blood Lord or your superiors. Be ready to sacrifice yourself for your land, for your people and for your loved ones.

Remember that Sang Real serves to protect Quel'Thalas from danger. They do not handle smaller work that are more fitting to guards and they do not take a large part of the politics.

The Eternal Sun guides us all.
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The Guild Itself
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