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 Salisha Lightfeather

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PostSubject: Salisha Lightfeather   Fri Apr 15 2011, 01:40

Name:Salisha (lisha)
Class: Agilistic warrior
Race: quel'dorei
Level: 60

Short Biography: Salisha grewp up with her sister nigiesa, She was not mentioned much by her since her absenece since she was a kid nigiesa never heard from her since her mothers passing away, Salisha learned to live by her self with her pet worgen scruffs which died trying to save her from a ogre, She grew up by her self since she was young, Since then she had choosen the path of a warrior showing her enthousism to learn more and more each day, She found out about the Sang'Real and thought she would help the couse of silvermoon,

How you heard of the guild forum : Bluyth, Mariell (old char)

What you expect from the guild : A fun playfull inviroment, Friendly peeps,
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PostSubject: Re: Salisha Lightfeather   Fri Apr 15 2011, 12:58

Hi, Salisha123!

I regret saying this, but we cannot take you in at this point. Some of the few reasons:

1: Please read, and especially due to your account name.

2: I am not entirely sure on the name - is Lisha just the shorter version of Salisha, while Salisha is still the name of the character? It'd help to save the confusion in future RP.

3: To be able to join the Sang Real, you're going to need some kind of training from the Blood Elves to be able to join in as Turidas only wishes to have elite soldiers: This means that, in your case, he needs Spellbreakers and not warriors which he considers people who only swings a sword without a good reason.

4: Sang Real is without a ' mark. ^^

Kindest regards:
-Benjamin / Turidas


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Salisha Lightfeather
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