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 IC-Wise Classes

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PostSubject: IC-Wise Classes   IC-Wise Classes Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15 2011, 13:12

One of the many things that are important in the Sang Real: You must work like a true elite. Be one of those who are better than the ordinary guards and soldiers of Silvermoon. To ensure only these kind of people joins in, you need to have served within Quel'Thalas earlier to gain experience in your job, as Turidas cannot afford more people who haven't trained enough.

Long story short: IC-wise as elves you're not the class that you picked on the character screen. As you see under:

Warriors = Sword Breakers.

Paladins = Blood Knights. (May be a paladin though if your character has nothing to do with the Blood Knights.)

Death Knights = Rune Knights. (Something newly made in SR: Serves as the same thing, only that ghouls & some of the more darker spells are banned.)

Rogues = Rogues. (They serve as spies and assassins, so they should be the ones with less 'official' job within Quel'Thalas to join in.)

Hunters = Farstriders.

Monks = Monks.

Priests = Priests.

Mages = Mages, Magisters, Blood Mages.

Warlocks = Warlocks.

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IC-Wise Classes
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