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 The Adventures of the Adventurers! (NWN2 story)

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The Adventures of the Adventurers! (NWN2 story) Empty
PostSubject: The Adventures of the Adventurers! (NWN2 story)   The Adventures of the Adventurers! (NWN2 story) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 25 2011, 22:27

The Adventures of the Adventurers!


Benjamin as Vince Von Darkblade, son of Daegun. Human Fighter.

Mart as Thalandros Bloodwrath, the OTHER son of Daegun. Elven Barbarian.

And Shaun as Thradriolas Siamytheslen, Probably the son of Daegun. Elven Wizard.

Chapter 1: The Adventure begins!


After winning the grand awards of the Harvest Festival - mainly by deciding to kill every person that was in the competition and said it was a new trial - our heroes wakes up in their room, rudely by their two so-called friends, Amie and Bevil, who only tags along with them because they had no one else to be with. Apparently, West Harbour was under attack - and there's nothing more annoying than other people burning down the town which our three heroes was already planning on to do once their father would decide to tell them which was his real son. Because, really, he's a wood elf. The fighter is a human, the wizard has a way too complicated name, and the wood elf is a barbarian and really, who would want that as a child?

After gearing up their stuff - including the wooden shield and almost half of it was missing - the three heroes went out to beat some dwarves and bladelings down to bite the dirt! During this time, they came across many who they sent off to meet up with the rest - some was beaten to be convinced... someone got their house robbed when we 'secured' the house... aaand all Mossfeld had their throats slit. Truly, our heroes wish not to put wounded people in danger! Alas, Amie saw her teacher in a fight with another wizard. But little did she help and got herself killed by the green enemy. Thradriolas wished to help her out - but her teacher said she was dead and there was nothing they could do. Then Thradriolas wished to help her out - but her teacher said she was dead and there was nothing they could do. Then Thradriolas wished to help her out - but her teacher said she was dead and there was nothing they could do. Apparently wizards sees a lot of Deja vu in their life...

Finally, the last waves of enemies showed up - Vince and Thalandros rushed into the fight, whereas Thradriolas casually stood there and looked amused. The two first waves were basic, but on the third there were dwarves sneaking in - rather obviously, mind you - into Bevil's house where his siblings were. He ran off, whereas the three heroes kept on fighting the waves that poured in like a seawave. A sea for ANTS that is. Soon enough they finally stopped attacking, as the wounded and dead was gathered up. Daegun told his son - apparently it really WAS Thradriolas all this time - to speak to him. He informed of why the attack happened in West Harbour. They were looking for something, which he sent his son - and two other not-so-son sons - together with Bevil to search for it in the swamp.

The swamp was filled with dangerous creatures such the Lizardmen and the most evil creature known to man(nerds)... BUGS! These vile creatures crawled towards our heroes, trying to eat them up. However, they were no match - nothing was. Nothing could even slow our three heroes down. Many were killed on their way to a crypt - their destination. While Thradriolas stepped towards the door - Vince and Thalandros stood by the side of the building. A druid stood in front of them, spying on Thradriolas. Ofcourse, HE was the son so she treated the others like air.

Once they reached down to the crypt's bottom, they found more and more lizardmen. It must be their territory, for it is not normal this many lizardmen are gathered in the same area. The heroes decided to do the most logical thing: Quite frankly kill everything and loot whatever they had on their corpses. Really, that's the best way to make an income. But deep, deep inside the crypts, they found the last one of them - a deadly looking Shaman who was praying to the Stone God to ask for help... yet alas, their god was probably too busy listening to others as the heroes quickly cut them down. After looting their corpses - like always - they decided to loot more then just bodies: chests and crates. Inside one of the chests, the item the dwarves and bladelings was looking for: A silver shard. Seeeriously, a silver shard. They almost burnt down the village and killed everyone in it for a shard. Not an amusing thing for the heroes, mind you.

Bevil wasn't too happy himself. Frustratingly, all of them went out of the crypt and head back home - mainly wanting to beat their father down for sending them off on such a silly mission. However, on their arrival he instantly took a defensive stance and spoke to his sons - except Bevil, but he got sent off either way - about the shard. Apparently it's a powerful item which the heroes needs to investigate further about, leading to that they must head to Neverwinter. And so, the heroes' real adventure begins... an epic journey...

An adventure for adventurers!

(Will be continued next playthrough)

The Adventures of the Adventurers! (NWN2 story) Penguin1
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The Adventures of the Adventurers! (NWN2 story)
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