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 Davandros Duskrunner

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PostSubject: Davandros Duskrunner   Davandros Duskrunner Icon_minitimeFri Jul 15 2011, 15:53

Name: Davandros Duskrunner
Class: Blood Knight (Paladin)
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 85

Davandros is a former Blood Knight who later joined the Argent Crusade. He's past is not know to much people and he have relatives.
He is a skilled combatant who've been fighting in several conflicts over the years. He's been fighting most in Northrend and is an
expert at hunting the undead. Now he's returned to Quel'thalas and is looking to work for his land once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Davandros Duskrunner   Davandros Duskrunner Icon_minitimeFri Jul 15 2011, 16:02

Hey, Davandros. Give me a shout when I'm online and we can do the interview and have you join. But I will not be online today, hopefully I will be on tomorrow.
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Davandros Duskrunner
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