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 Tale of the Restless Wolves

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PostSubject: Tale of the Restless Wolves   Tale of the Restless Wolves Icon_minitimeMon Sep 05 2011, 17:38

restless, the past year has been so restless for me, yes I do love the company i have, my two dearest friends well only friends that I share a flat with as we study but still, for some reason I have been getting more and more restless. I live in a forest, a forest of buildings and signs and traffic, the busy noisy city that never seems to sleep. When i do get some sleep I am haunted by the recording dreams of a wolf, a lone wolf running through the forests of nature, running, hunting searching for something, some kind of meaning. I must apologise, I am Nicania I am a nineteen year old woman, and this, this is what happened to the point of no return.

I have no real memory of my dad, but I have an old picture of him and my mother in a locket I always ware around my neck. I am a dancer at a club, i only do it for the cash so I can pay the rent, i am saving up to leave this city. I got a letter a few months ago on my birthday, I thought i had no relatives well living relatives, but apparently I have a grandpa and grandma. they sent for me, said if I wanted a place to call home I should go to theirs. they sent pictures, it looks so peaceful. so I am determined! I must get the money to leave this place. I will miss my friends allot, I don't disagree with that, but I must find out more about my past, plus the house looks so good!

'hey sweety, ya gona be late for tonight shift if ya dnt hurry.' a soft voice said, it was my room mate Nicky. she was a sweet girl long brown hair, rather busty which you wouldn't normally see with her shortness (don't let her find out I said that!) with a incredible sweet smile.

'hope ya's decent, don't wanna come in there whilst ya getting changed Missy!' another voice came a rather stern yet soothing voice. it was Micka Nicky's boy friend. they been together for as long as I known, it is rather inspirational to see them, and he is a great room mate, always cooks! he was rather tall, and athletic built. he was the Universities best basketball player. he was six ft three and even though he was what most thought a typical jock, he actually was rather smart, and studied alot (when they are not being bunnies that is...)

I smiled at them both as I jumped to my feet, stretching up as far as I could to get un stiffen. I picked up my back pack putting on my back wearing some rather normal jeans and a baggy shirt covering myself to try not attract attention whilst I walked to the dance club i was to be working. I was rather busty, slim athletic built and long legs, I was five ft eleven with long silver hair.

'ya want a lift? Micka can drive ya to the club' Nicky said not noticing Micka's shocked face as he was just suddenly volunteered with out a choice in the matter but smirked and picked up his keys nodding at me. I smiled and reluctantly nodded to him as I felt I'd much rather walk but did not want Nicky to worry so much. she had a nasty habit of worrying too was rather annoying one could say. Micka's car was nice, it was warm to say least, don't ask me the make and all that, have no idea myself. i just liked getting lifts in it as it was cosy!.

after arriving at the club I waved at Micka waving my phone to say i'd call him after. he smiled and nodded before driving off back to the flat. I walked in nodding at the bouncer he smiled nodding back as I went back stage to change into my outfit. I saw the outfit they wanted me to ware, sighing at it before changing into it. it was a rather suggestive School girl outfit. at least i'd get to keep the outfit on the entire time. as I walked out onto the stage I noticed there was a new group at front stage. this was a rare thing indeed, it usually only ever regulars. there was allot of nasty looking guys crowded around one guy. I had to admit seeing him was a treat after seeing all the others around him. he was rather angelic looking, though his eyes was darkened I couldn't see them, to tell truth all thier eyes was darkened though i was rather disturbed by them for some reason.

'Pretty girl dance good. wonder what pretty girl feels like!' one of the guys said before leaping up towards the stage. the bouncer at the door couldn't reach in time, the drunk was about to attack. the attacker stopped dead in his tracks and back away slowly to his seat looking towards me, but not at me. it was the leader of them, he was suddenly behind me.

'My apologise miss, Sam seems to have forgotten his manners completely.' he took me by the hand kissing it before walking to the exit. i was stunned. who the hell where these guys! and what the hell where they doing there? I was totally confused, and more so when I went into the changing rooms and saw something at my locker. it was a singel rose, and a envelope. opening the envelope I saw a letter I pulled it out and went to read it, on doing so something fell to the floor, i looked down and it was money! lots of it, hundred dollar bills and lots of them at that. I couldn't believe my eyes, I read the letter.

Dear miss
I must again apologise for the rudeness of this evening's events,
and once more for breaking into your locker to put this in,
I do hope you might find it in your blessive heart to forgive one sch as myself,
I meant no harm and my comrade did not either,
the money is small token of our appoligies as well as to help you with your dream.
may you find the path you seek.

I was highly confused! I mean some stranger gives me all this money for no reason and don't bother leaving a name? what's going on!? I peered at the money then gasped as I counted it. it was exactly how much i needed to move to my grand parents. how could he know? so much confusion. it was most un-bearable but at same time, I couldn't help but smile. I could meet my family...Finally after so long I could maybe find out more, and maybe have a decent night's sleep....then again...only one way to find out....
I bent down to collect the money that was on the floor puting into my back pack and got changed into my normal clothes before grabbing my phone to call Micka. as I was reaching for my phone thats when I felt dizzy, I couldn't see straight as I fell to my knees trying to gasp for air, clenching on my sides gritting my teeth. I felt so much pain in just a few seconds. I had no clue what was going on or why for that matter. my sides felt they were tearing apart. then as quickly as it came, it stopped....nothing changed or anything, just all of a sudden it had vanished with no reason or anything, just one second pain then no pain. I was scared....I couldn't hold back now I grabbed my phone and called Micka.

'Micka, please, please come quick, need to get out here, please I-' I stopped dropping the phone and falling on my knees again gripping my sides screaming as I could not hold it in no more. the bouncer Jo Jo came running into the changing rooms to find out what happened and rushed over to try see if I was ok. I gripped my sides screaming in pain. Jo Jo called an ambulance and tried calming me down. yea Like he or anyone could, I mean come on, how the heck they suposed to calm me down when I was being hurt by a pain I'd never felt before in my life and no reason of where it came from? I honestly thought that was it, I was dead. Finally Micka and Nicky arrived, but there was two figures with them both.

"Nicania!' the sweet voices of my two friends kinda soothed the pain a little, even if it was them screaming my name in panic and fear.

"dear Nicania, we're here now, don't worry, it'll be ok now, your safe now, we'll take you home.' the strangers said as they peered at me. the female stranger leaned in close whispering something I could barely hear, but as she did I fell asleep.....I passed out because of the pain, I'm sure of it, i mean it was beyond what i could handle. I awoke shielding my eyes peering around. I was in a car, Micka's car? I didn't know, it was full of all kind of stuff.

'Nicania! your awake sweety!' I reconised the voice to be Nicky's that and she smothered me with hugs before i could even see straight. typical Nicky, but then, i'd never changed her, not even for a second. my eyes could finaly focus, i saw i was on the motor way, Micka was driving, the car was full of all of our things, I was totaly confused, more aso than I was before! if it was possible that is. pushing myself up i noticed it was incredibly bright. guess my eyes was not quite as focused as I thought they where.
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PostSubject: Re: Tale of the Restless Wolves   Tale of the Restless Wolves Icon_minitimeMon Sep 05 2011, 17:39

'Nicania here, have some water, you been through alot.' Nicky said softly handing me a bottle of cold water. that water tasted like heaven on my lip and even more so traveling down my throat. Drinking the water slowly I peered about at the car, it was with out a doubt Micka's car, it was a warm safe feeling knowing this. I pulled the bottle away from my lips and wiped my mouth breathing easier as I peered at Micka and Nicky, before smiling.

'Hi guys, thanks for coming, now WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING!!!!' I screamed at them Nicky looked at me rather strangely, guess I kinda surprised her, was glad that Micka was not easily scared, seen as he was the one driving...I know, I know it was not the smartest of moves to do but I was not thinking clearly, I mean I was in alot of pain, passed out and woke up in a car which was heading god knows where.

'Oh! yeah tee hee sorry hun, we are heading to your grand parents, they the ones that came to check up on yea when we were at the club. they wanted to move all your belongings up to there mansion and that, that's them in front of us. Now, em now you know, WHEN WERE YOU GONA TELL US YOUR GRAND PARENTS LIVED IN MANSIONS!' Nicky's voice caught me off guard and appeared to have shrunk in size hiding behind my bottle of water trying to find safety. Who knew the short ones could be scarry!? any ways, she Explained they came to collect me figuring I may not have the money to move there and to make me more comfortable they wanted my two friends to move with me.

we pulled up in a small town that seemed to be n the middle of no where. there was trees and fields all around, very few buildings, and seemed to be lost to the normal world. It made me think, giving up the city, all the shops, all the people....I can't wait! finally i'll be able to walk the streets safe not looking over my shoulder every five seconds making sure no one is following me or what ever but most importantly i'll get to see my Grand real link to my family. We started driving past a large gate and up to a long drive way, I could see large walls around the whole area from the gates but I cared little, the garden was gigantic and there was so many trees and so much beauty until we came up to the Large house, well Mansion. It was so huge I thought it could be a palace but then again I was still a little shaken from the whole ordeal.

We all finally got out the car standing outside the mansion gazing at the giant doors in sheer awe. none of us have ever seen such a beautiful building. the doors slowly opened and two figures came out with smiles on thier faces. who where they?

Stand in the door way of the mansion slowly walking down the stairs, an elderly couple. my heart was rushing, punding so hard as they drew closer towards me, the old lady put her arms around me and whispered softly against my ear.

'Welcome home, my young girl.' she said kissing my head softly smiling as she hugged me. The elderly man stood there smiling before finally coming over and hugged me before peering at the all three of us.

'As it is custom your friends being a couple shall stay in the spare house, dont worry still on the property in fact it's just near the kitchen, just the way our family has been you know for many many many-'

'They get it dear, for a very long time yeah, no more going into it, i bet they are tired, and we need to go into town, so whilst we go how about you'll explore the house whilst we gone, best way to learn new surroundings I belief. I am Lady Naranth and this is lord Naranth....but who cares about titles at home eh? Hehe I'm Claire Naranth and this is Jake Naranth. we'll be gone for a few hours, the fridges are full with treats and that so you shouldn't get hungry, and because you are all under age, I know you don't drink.' she said grinning a little knowing fine well we all did.

'But if you are "thirsty" there are some "drinks" in the back cupboard of the kitchen. help ya selves.' Jake said smirking a little. Jake had shoulder length grey hair. and his eyes were the deepest blue I had ever seen. Claire was about the same hight as Nicky which was weird to see but kinda welcoming I had to say, her hair was grey also but was long, came down half her back I noticed smiling, her eyes was a softer blue with hints of brown around the edges, made them look nice. they both looked rather health and fit.

'Oh, Nicania, if you do get those pains again, which you shouldn't, but if you do there is a flask in the fridge, drink it and it should get rid of the pains. it's a bunch of herbs and protein, should fix you right up dear. We know about it as it is a condition you must have inherited of your parents, they had it, so remember drink the flask if ya sore ok hun.' Claire said smiling sweetly. she made me feel safe and calm, I barely know this woman but I felt so safe trusting her, it was nice, to be able to trust. we grabbed our bags and walked into the mansion, stunned by the site of the inside. it seemed twice the size of the outside! it was amazing, the Saturn carpets, the marble walls and ceiling, the paintings, the stairway everything! it was beyond anything we could possibly imagine. it wasn't exactly old fashioned either, the living room had a huge flat screen high def T.V and cable. a huge surround sound system that we'd never seen before, a room with several laptops and computers it was just amazing. the Kitchen was a dream, the fridge was bigger than Micka was, it was amusing to point that out, the cooker was amazing, everything about this place was just amazing and beyond what any of us could think of.

'We gona take our bags out to the place where we staying hun, you wanna come or ya wanna explore here alone?' Nicky said smiling sweetly at me.

'I'll go exploring and put my bags in my room, say we meet back up in Kitchen later? or ya's want me to come get yas when I'm done?' I asked smiling at two

'em, we'll text ya, you know putting clothes away and all tha-' Micka said before being interrupted

'we ain't having sex Micka.....' Nicky said smirking

'then sure come collect us when ya done Nicania.' he said now looking sad but then giggled at being caught out. I couldn't help but laugh a little as I waved at them and left them to explore the place more. I was in complete awe of the place. looking in all the bed rooms I saw it amazing, the rooms where so full of amazing furniture, i kinda felt a little out of place but then completely at home. it was weird to say the least. I found a room with a sign on front with my name on it, I slowly opened the door and found a huge king sized four post bed. it was so beautiful I cold barely belief my eyes. I dropped my bag and lay on the bed for a second, it was as if I was laying on air. It was so comfortable and relaxing, and there was no noise, it was heaven to say the least. I got up and put my clothes away into the wardrobe but i saw it had clothes in already, rather beautiful clothes exactly my style of clothing and my size, i was a little taken back by this but smiled as I went to put them in the draws instead. after I put my clothes away I went into the En-suite bathroom to freshen myself up. it was huge and beautiful, it had a bath and a walk in shower, the sink was beautiful and the mirror had old native American designs on it.

I came down stairs and I saw a garage out front, I went walking over to it, wondering what t was like. as I walked in I saw there was some one in there, it was a young guy that was for sure he had no shirt on so I saw he was quite toned to say the least. He had stubble around his face and his eyes were dark brown. his Voice was rather harsh and dark as he spoke.

'who are you? what you doing here?'
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PostSubject: Re: Tale of the Restless Wolves   Tale of the Restless Wolves Icon_minitimeMon Sep 05 2011, 17:39

'They were driving home and they found a hitch hiker down the road, they gave him a lift, to the next town, their car was found wrapped around a lamp post in the next town and the two was laying in the snow badly hurt, ambulances came and took them as soon as possible but they did not survive one knows what happened to the hitch hiker or know why they where driving that night. any ways it's in the past, all i know is they loved you very much dear, they wanted you to be happy so I hope you do find happiness living here.' she said, with pain and sadness in her voice, she obviously misses them very much. I hoped that she would find some comfort in me being there now instead of them, even though I know I could never replace them, but then again would I want to? I would rather have held them. after a while people left the Lee left to go home and Nicky and Micka went to their place to sleep, I went to the kitchen to clean up, I wasn't told to but I still wanted to. As I was cleaning I could hear Jake and Claire in the other room talking. I couldn't help myself I went by the door to listen in.

'We should tell her, soon she'll start, she is coming of age Jake, it is time.' Claire said with a slight panic in her voice

'She does not need to know yet, sure she started with the change, the pains and all that but she has been through enough, let her settle in at least.' Jake said sitting down in his chair. I couldn't help myself I had to know.

'Know what? I'd rather hear what you both are talking about now than hear it later, what are you both hiding from me?' I said as I walked in rather annoyed to be talked about like some problem or hidden secret. I stood strong determined to not let them change the subject and tell me what they were hiding from me than let them change subject and sweep it all under the rug. Claire smiled softly nodding to Jake with a look of "I told you so" in her eyes to which Jake returned her a smirk and nodded. they took me out to the front of the house quite far from the house but still in eyes reach.

'Nicania, you are special, our whole family is, this whole town to say the least, there are things you won't get right away, and maybe hard to understand but what we saying is not a lie, we can't lie to you, and won't do so. anything you ask we will answer truthfully. Nicania you are a Tin'akan, one with the spirit of wolf in you, and thus you are able to turn into a wolf, but not yet, but very soon you will go though your first change. thats why you been getting pains in your sides.' Jake said looking rather serious. I blinked looking at the too rather confused.

'em...your taking the mickey right? that is totally impossible, I mean come on, wolfs? yeah and I'm the pope.' I said astonished they'd make such a lie and expect me to belief it. Claire smirked at Jake before nodding at him.

'Perhaps we should prove it to you, would that help you understand better?' Claire asked smiling sweetly at me as she held Jake's hand.

'sure, go ahead and prove it, turn into "wolves" then.' I said giggling at the very thought, I mean come on what they hell did they think I am? some gullible four year old? Jake and Claire turned for a moment un-tying their dressing gowns, next I knew there was a bright light around them and I shielded my eyes for a moment before the light stopped and there was two wolves sitting there in front of me. I couldn't belife it, two beautiful white Wolves with blue eyes sitting there. I rubbed my eyes for a moment.

'....Jake?.....Claire?.....' as I said this the wolves inclined their heads towards me. at that moment I gave a short giggle before I passed out from shock ladding on the grass backwards. I couldn't belief it. Jake covered his face with his paw whilst Claire walked over and licked my face to make sure I was ok.
I woke up rather sore as the ground is allot harder than I thought it be. when I woke I found my self In Jake's Arms, he was carrying me back to the house, I never spoke I just looked at him, he seemed allot happier as if he was relived to have changed, even if it was only a short time, it made me smile to see him so happy. he looked down to see me awake and smiled at me nodding not saying anything before placing me on my bed slowly leaving the room. he stopped at the door way before speaking.

'I'll help you though the first change, I promise, but it's important before you change to learn about the history and certain things, so tomorrow I'll teach you all of that. I'll leave it to you to chose when and how you explain this to your friends. your so much like my makes me happy to see you with us here.' he said with such kindness and sweetness I almost broke in tears but I smiled and nodded to him before pulling the covers over myself. I lay there thinking to myself of all the possibilities and wondering all the possible signs of this that I could have seen before being told. maybe it was the reasons I hated the city? maybe the reason why I hated not being near forests or opened fields? I smiled and drifted of to sleep knowing tomorrow I'll be able to get answers about allot of things I wanted to know for a long time about my family, this is a new chapter in my life, and I am really looking forwards to this.

I awoke on my bed peering around my room smiling knowing it was not a dream after all. I went to walk down the stairs but noticed the post going all the way down. checking around I made sure none was around before climbing on it and sliding all the way down! it was soo much fun and was going so fast...sadly that was the down fall as I couldn't stop and flew of the end landing on the floor. Who knew landing on my ass would hurt so much, least there was carpet I mean if it was hard would I would have been walking funny for weeks! Claire was standing at the door way staring at me with a raised eye brow.

'Have a nice trip dear?' she said smirking at me before walking over and offering a hand to me. I took it giggling nervously as I stood up and gave her a hug. I was happy, happier than I have been in a very long time which was a breath of fresh air to say the least. I walked into the Kitchen with her seeing Nicky and Micka also there smiling at them both as I was happy to see them. Nicky said I was glowing which was made me blush a little but I thanked her and hugged her before looking in the fridge for some breakfast to have. I was about to pull out some bacon when I heard a load shout which made me stop dead in my tracks.

'HOLD IT!' Jake shouted

'ya not cooking breakfast Missy! that's my job, going all ya get through to the sitting room I'll make ya all breakfast today.' he said smiling

'It's ok I'll make for ni-' Micka tried saying before interrupted

'I do belief that I said I will be making breakfast for us all, which means I will make for you and your partner, and if you have a problem with that I guess You can challenge me to an arm wrestle.' Jake said smirking before pointing to the door. Micka smirked and nodded before walking through to the sitting room as did we all to allow Jake to cook breakfast.

'You'll get used to Jake soon I'm sure, he doesn't like new people cooking right away he is determined to cook first meals as he loves to cook, if your lucky we might have good weather for a BBQ, he is amazing cooking on the BBQ for sure. Anyway best leave him be and wait for breakfast. Claire said smiling as she sat back in the chair. we all sat there just chatting away about things for what seemed like ages was only about twenty minutes when all of sudden the doors opened and Jake brought in tray full of toast, Cooked bacon, cooked pork sausages and lots other treats.
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PostSubject: Re: Tale of the Restless Wolves   Tale of the Restless Wolves Icon_minitimeMon Sep 05 2011, 17:40

'so what you all want to drink?' Jake said smiling at everyone. I asked for a cup of coffee, Nicky asked for Tea as did Micka, Claire asked for milk to which Jake nodded and went through to make everyone's drinks, I went over to the tray of treats and took a couple slices of toast and some bacon and some sausages. As I bit into the sausages the juices of them filled my mouth as did the flavours. it was as if every one of my taste buds on my tongue was completely satisfied. it was heavenly good the meat, as was the spices he used I did not know what they were but it was incredible. by the looks on Micka's and Nicky's faces they both agreed. Claire gigged a little as she saw all our reactions as she nibbled on her food. Jake came back in the room beaming that we were enjoying it so much and handed us all our drinks. Claire stopped all of a sudden before her ears twitched a little as she peered towards the door, i was about to say something but the door bell rang. Claire seemed spooked and Jake's expression went back to being serious. what had made them suddenly spooked? Jake put down his drink as he walked towards the door closing the living room's door.

Claire looked at the door way before closing her eyes for a moment before standing up opening the door and standing by Jake. I couldn't wait no longer I snuck up to the door to hear what was going on.

'The council request you and Claire to come and to bring this, this-.' the voice was interrupted by Jake

'Watch your tone, that is our grand daughter your speaking about, and last I checked your not a pure blood, so do not dare speak down to us, when I say we "Might" come you should accept that and bugger off with your tail between your legs boy.' Jake said with a slight anger behind his voice to which Claire held his hand smiling softly to try calm Jake down.

'Perhaps we should come back with Saith, perhaps you can explain to him why you decided to be hostel to his message.' the voice said which seemed to have rather harshness around his tone this time. I could see Jake clench his fists tighter as he heard this before answering him.

'Get him then, see if I care, run away you snivelling pup and keep out of my lands, or I'll have to personally sort your trespassing out.' Jake said through clenched teeth. Jake closed the door before taking a deep breath and headed back into the room to have his breakfast, he was smiling and tried to make sure none was worrying about what ahd just happened and why it did. we had finished breakfast and I was about to take all the dishes through but was stopped by Jake.

'Micka, Nicky, may you both be so kind and take these dishes through just need a private chat with Nicania.' he said with a sweet smiled, the two of them nodded and smiled back as they did as they were both told. I sat back down waiting for the other two to leave.

'Nicania, you'll be coming out with us both soon. it shouldn't take too long but it kinda is essential as we'd rather not get into more trouble, sorry for you...em 'hearing' us there, I just don't like rude messengers and kinda lose it at times I guess. but any ways basically your gona meet allot of people like yourself though only few are truly like you. I'll explain later, but for now if you'd be so kind and get dressed and ready as we will be leaving soon.' he said smiling softly getting to his feet and leaving the room. what was I getting taken too?

I got changed into some different cloths, I was wearing a pair of tight black jeans, a white short shirt with my locket showing clearly and as well as my belly button ring. I came down stairs to be greeted by Jake and Claire both smiling at me as they opened the door to go in this long black car that seemed to have a driver. I got into the car smiling as it was rather nice, the seats were so comfy as well and very spacey. Jake sat opposite me and Claire, Claire was holding my hand smiling to make sure I was not nervous.

'I don't want you worrying about any thing that happens in there Nicania, all it is, is a meeting with all the other Tin'akan in this settlement and the watchers that make sure the outside world don't find out about us. They are a native American tribe that has safe guarded us all for centuries even in times of the great war..but that is a lesson for another time dear.' Jake said smiling softly. I don't know why but for some reason I was really excited about this meeting, I mean sure I'll be meeting people I never met before, and sure their are allot of people for sure......oh my god I hope I ain't left alone, not even for a second......

the car pulled up to a huge cabin in the middle of the woods. there was loads of cars and people around the cabin. the car we were in parked up and as the doors slowly opened Claire and Jake went out first, when they got out all the people around seemed to stand and show all attentions to them before bowing their heads and entering the cabin. By the time I got out the car everyone had vanished and was inside, Jake and Claire smiled at me taking me around back. we got inside the cabin and the back room seemed rather cosy, it made me smile more feeling a little safe.

'Dear, we going to meeting, son Lee will come and get you to take you through, so just make yourself comfortable whilst ya wait. don't worry he'll take you straight to our table and there is nothing to fear ok.' Claire said softly to me before kissing my forehead. as she did I felt so happy and warm inside. I guess it was the first time a mother figure actually showed me such love and security that I can remember. I sat on one of the kitchen stools that was there, it was rather cosy to sit on, and the Kitchen was very warm. I was sitting there for about twenty minutes I belief before Lee appeared at the door seeing me swinging on the stool.

'Shouldn't swing on them, you coul-' he covered his face with a hand as I fell from shock of him suddenly appearing.

'Here, let me help ya.' he said chuckling offering his hand to me. I took it getting up rather embarrassed about the whole falling over. I dusted myself off before smiling and nodding to indicate to him that I was ready to go. he led me down a long corridor and through some huge doors. as I entered I saw hundreds of people who suddenly turned their heads to face me as I entered. I blinked totally not prepared for this as Lee came forwards to speak something.

'Presenting Miss Nicania Dremore.' Lee said loud enough for all to hear. after the my last name was announced many faces were gasped and amazed. they couldn't take their eyes off me which made me rather confused and nervous. Lee lead me to Jake and Claire's table, seeing their faces calmed me allot as I sat down next to them.

'What's the matter dear?' Claire whispered in my ear softly stroking the hair from my eyes and smiling comforting to me.

'I eh....just....everyone staring at me, kinda....un nerving you know?' I said blushing a little. she nodded smiling at me before standing up to her feet.

'If you do not mind could you all stop staring at my grand daughter like she is some unusual thing that just walked in here, she is a member of mine and Jake's family and should be treat with the same respect, do I make myself clear?' Claire said with a rather strong voice, I have never seen this side of her, and for a moment her eyes glowed a bit brighter for a moment, and in that instant everyone bowed their heads in an apologetic manner. Jake covered his mouth as he gave a little chuckle.

'You are right Lady Naranth, it was rather rude of them all, but you must admit, it is a rather intreging thing for us all to be blessed with the presence of the daughter of the dear Late-' the person was interrupted with Jake standing up rather quickly, his eyes glowing brightly and his fists Clenched so tight the blood had drained from his hands completely.

'Don't you dare continue that sentence!' a Dark voice was heard from the door way as the doors flung open. There was a Tall rather built man standing at the doorway with a family behind him. he had a scar over his left eye and had long black hair. his eyes where dark brown as he walked up to the main table to where the voice had came from before that upset Jake.
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'You listen good Takany I told you to "Invite" them here politely, to hear you were rude to them was bad enough now you dare bring up the names of the greatest we have ever been blessed with, in such a disrespecting manner, I will not stand for! You will beg Jake and Claire and their dear Grand Daughter's forgiveness then you will get the hell out my sight before I show you why I am still alpha here do I make myself clear!.' he said as he slammed his hands onto the table. all the people bowed their heads to this guy, Jake and Claire even did, I was totally confused so i bowed my head a little but unsure why and wanting to see everything was kinda annoying.

's-sorry Saith, Jake, Claire, Nicania, please, I beg your forgiveness, it shan't ever happen again.' he said as he bowed and started scrambling out of the cabin to get away fast. I never seen anyone so scared before in my life, it was rather amusing to say the least. this Saith walked over to our table peering at the three of us. he was a giant! I mean must have been six ft six or something

'Sorry about this, I hope you both forgive me for butting in there but if I had let it go any further then it may have ruined the night you know. any ways hope we can have a private meet later to properly chat.' he said his voice rather soft now as he bowed his head and walked up to the main table before sitting down.

'Ok, thank you all, sorry for the long delay and the...incident that has happened. First line of business, I feel it is important for training our weakest to be as strong as the strongest as there has been sightings of our oldest of enemies in the area, I'm not saying there will be a war but just for everyone's safety we must keep our selves prepared for the worse. so there will be training classes available for all those wishing to learn, Jake and Claire have kindly agreed to train you and as you all know that would be a great honour as to be trained by pure bloods so make sure to give thanks during and after each session. Second Line of business, if dear Nicania would grace me with her presence up here.' he said softly as he held his hand out. Jake and Claire Smiled and nodded to me. I slowly got up and walked over to the front of the table where he was. he smiled as he came around to join with me there.

'This is the Daughter of my greatest friends Vincent and Laura Dremore, she is young and only recently discovered what she is, she is a pure blood and a member of the Naranth house hold and should be treated with as much respect. As you have seen, I will not tolerate people disrespecting this family and the name of Dremore. Soon she'll be of age to turn and when she does she'll be in full training and should not be hassled about anything. Yes the looks of her mother is very vivid and seen very well as you all agree as well as she has her father's green eyes. which I only just noticed but that is nothing, she is her own person, so no one is to hassle her about her past and where she has been, other wise you answer to me, and if your unlucky then you will answer to Jake and Claire.' he said as he released my hand smiling at me before walking me back to my chair then to sit at his chair. Claire and Jake both giggled a little at his comment before bowing to him.

Suddenly there was Clapping in the back, everyone gasped as they turned towards the door, Saith was clenching his fists as e looked at the door. to a figure standing there covered in a long cloak clapping his hands, who was he?

'oh how I do love to hear you pointless ranting, but I must interrupt you know as it is time for me to speak. Before any of ya dear "friends" here think of attacking me I come under protection of ambassador thus and attack on me is act of war. so will you hear me out or do I bring large force next time?' the man at the door said smirking

'How dare you speak to them like that, get back to the car you sorry excuse for a Vampire.' said familiar voice behind him. after the person heard these words his face froze before he lowered his head walking away showing a young gentle men standing there with Long Black hair with red high lights and Crimson eyes. I recognised him right away, it was the gentlemen at the club, the one that gave me the rose and the letter. I smiled a him when I saw him, everyone else face was rather confused when they saw him. he walked past everyone up to the main table leaning over to whisper in Saith's ear before bowing at him.

'Very well....Final news, there will be a sit down, with all the head families of the Tin'akan that live here and the head Vampire families to discuss some news and issues. now if you don't mind sir, please leave us now so we can discuss things before we call it a night and hunt for the night.' Saith said offering his hand to the Person. he took the hand and smiled before turning to leave, he walked past my table before stopping and facing me. my heart was racing. who was he? why did he just stop? everyone is looking again....he flung his cloak over his shoulder pulling out some flowers, they where beautiful, he smiled softly as he placed them in front of me on the table.

'Glad to see you are ok Miss Nicania, Pleasure to see you again. where are my manners, my name is Marcus Dracanus, but you may call me Marcus.' he bowed at me before walking towards the door. there was a note on the flowers which I did not notice until I picked up the flowers. I peered at it for a moment. I didn't read it at the time because there was too many eyes on me. Jake and Claire put me in the car and sent it back to the house with me in it, as they were to go on the hunt. I understood and went home with no questions. I walked into the house holding the flowers smelling them. it was so beautiful, and I liked the colours they were also, I remembered the note and pulled it out, I was gona read it but I wanted to run a bath first, I was feeling rather sore from all this bowing and standing. as I started to run the bath I was puzzled trying to work out what had all happened, I mean now there are vampires? what is going on? I decided after my bath i'd go to Jakes Library and look at some the books there, might have some answers at least. as I went into the hot bath water I melted in delight, the warm swallowing my body was un believable and so relaxing. I loved every second laying there. I looked at my cloths seeing the note and leaned over to get it, my locket bouncing of the tub as I leant over to get the note. opening the note I read it to see what it was going on about. maybe it had some answers.

Dear Miss Nicania
it was a delight to see you again
But this note is to help you
You have not changed yet, I know this
But you wont be able to change on the moon
Not Until they realise why
and I will tell you why now
You wont change until
You take off the locket, it is what stops you
Like the myths of Lycins
Tin'akan are weak against Silver
Take care

I peered at the letter for a while before looking at my locket. I had no idea what was going on. I slowly pulled off the Locket looking at it in my hand. my eyes widened as I felt a strange feeling take over and the pain came once more. I gritted my teeth hard and grabbed my sides, there was a Bright light surrounding me, as I gritted though it. I heard banging at the door and heard Jakes Voice on the other side, he broke down the door and stared in awe as he saw the light shielding his eyes. he couldn't berlive it when he saw me after the light had gone. I had done it, I had turned into a wolf.

I sat on the Bathroom floor With my tail curled around my. I had Long Silvery white fur, and dark Green eyes, and unlike any other my fur was always glowing. Jake was completely speechless at this transformation, he smiled with a tear in his eye as he bowed his head towards me. I grinned and ran past him running down the stairs of the mansion, the speed I was running at was incredible! I couldn't belief the feel of running so free, I rand past the front door as it was left open and into the garden. I could smell things I thought I would never be able to, and see things further than ever before. noticing every little detail even in the pitch black darkness. Two Dark wolves came out of no where growling at me, I tilted my head a little before sitting with a tilted head expression. Before I could do anything, one of the dark wolves lunged towards me, Jake and Claire knocked the Wolf back in their Wolves state and stood by me glaring at the wolves. the wolves turned and ran. Jake and Claire smirked before changing back.

'Shouldn't run off like that dear, could get yourself hurt.' Claire said before patting my head. I don't know what it was but after she patted me on the head there was another bright light and I was myself again. I blinked before wrapping my arms around myself as I was now sitting out in the could with no cloths! I feel this changing thing will be rather more complicated than I thought. Claire giggled as she handed me a spare dressing gown and lead me back to the house. Jake took me to the Library and showed me all the books i'd need to know about changing and changing back with out help, as well as the complete history of the family. he said he'd teach me more but at another time, he wanted me to rest but I couldn't I was so excited, that was such an amazing feeling I felt, I had never felt anything like that before, I wanted to do it again but knew I shouldn't. I read a book for a while before noticing a book that seemed out of place, I went over to see what it was, it was the history of Vampires and Tin'akan, the truth about the wars.

Even though both races disagree, both races was once great allies centuries ago. they shared a bond they shared with no other, and helped each other when ever in need. There was a dispute which caused tension amongst all the great families, the Vampires needed to feed on fresh blood, which the Tin'akan also needed but rather on animals whilst Vampires preferred human blood agreed to only feast on animals or criminals to get by.
Until one night one of the great families had enough, they went to a village where it was habited by what is now called "the Watchers" the family destroyed every living being there, human and animals alike, they slaughtered them all drained every last drop of blood that was there. The Vampire family was then exiled and was told if came near any other being and was caught doing it again would be hunted and killed by every family of both races.
this did not sit well as most Tin'akan thought this was too weak of a punishment, the Nobel est of families the Naranth family, did not care of the Punishment but swore if they came near their village no matter what condition they would destroy them to avenge the Watchers that had lost their lives.
as this was the case it caused friction between all families and in the end they all separate from he great council and then when this happened their was the first war, to which the families was battling over land. the Naranth family was blessed, they were the most powerful est thus got the lands they had watched over for centuries un challenged.
One day after the great war the Daughter of the Greatest fighters Jake and Claire Naranth, called Laura Naranth fell in love with another, this was a forbidden love as she was supposed to marry another to which her family have chosen. This caused allot of pain for the two yet they married any way, bringing two families that had hated each other for centuries together, both families were equally matched. but Vincent was the most powerful est Tin'akan recorded. He had a gift that none could describe but only admire.

I sat there reading about this for ages, tears came to my eyes,my mother and farther were not supposed to be together and yet they were so determined to be together they went ahead any ways deifying the world. not only that but my dad was supposed to be the greatest out of all the families? I wanted to know more, I wondered perhaps my other grand parents where around, maybe Jake and Claire could get in contact with them, bring them here to meet me, I mean I am their grand daughter also right? but, then again, maybe it might cause some bickering, I don't know, I had no clue what I wanted, maybe it was just best to stay here and figure out more about myself than go finding about others.
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I awoke to find myself with my face in a book and Jake sitting there giggling at me.

'aw did sleepy head fall asleep reading? you should go wash your face you have writing on your face.' he said snickering at the fact some of the writing on the pages went on my face, i was not amused.

I went for a shower in my Bathroom, the water was amazing and perfect in temperature. I don't know whether it was the slowing down, or the being alone for that moment, but everything came flooding in, I have suddenly came apart of a world I had no control over, and had came across answers to which leads to more questions. It was getting more and more confusing, but I know there is no going back now, I knew it was gona be hard, no matter what I decided but I knew if I carried on, I will learn the truth about my parents, and maybe then I'll finally know who they are. I know there was much more I wanted to know now that had nothing to do with them but I guess it wouldn't hurt to learn the other things too. I guess all this pressure to learn the truth made me a little sad, I don't know why I did, but I couldn't help myself, I found myself in tears and had no reason on being so. Guess it was getting a bit much, perhaps I should tell Nicky and Micka, but then again how could I tell them? oh hey Nicky, hey Micka by the way I'm a wolf see, yeah I doubt that is the way about it. After I had my shower I went and got changed into some cloths in my room. I decided I'd ware casual clothing today, so I had some baggy black jeans that was barely held up by my belt, guess it's good to have hips to make sure they never fell, I also had a comfortable black and red shirt on. I straightened my hair staring into the mirror on my dresser before making my way down stairs to the kitchen.

'Morning sweety, here got you some orange juice!' Nicky said smiling softly at me, Micka was behind her smiling also. I was so happy for some reason, seeing them both, I knew I had to tell them then, because I loved them like they were family. I placed the glass down smiling at them both and asked them to sit down as I needed to show them something. Nicky was worried like she always was and Micka being Micka was just confused, bless him.

'Ok, so eh, you know there been allot of weird things happening being here right? well eh, I'm gona tell ya both why that is. You see, there are eh these things called Tin'akan right? and they are people, that eh, can turn into wolfs. and well you see this place is full of them, in fact nearly the whole village is. and I am one too, which I only recently found out...' I said tried to figure out to say it in a more believable way, Micka looked like he was gona Laugh, Nicky just looked confused.

'em, sweety? what the hell you on about? I mean, you don't look like a wolf to me.' Nicky said smiling softly as she rested a hand on my shoulder. I nodded and brought them into the garage which was empty of people.

'ok so eh, right I'll prove it to you both now, Micka, lend me your coat please.' I asked to which he handed to me looking rather amused. I put the coat around me turning around and undressing under it. Micka's face went from amused to being rather embarrassed. I took off my locket handing it to Nicky to hold before closing my eyes. when I did the blinding light had returned they where both shielding their eyes, and when the light had gone I was the Long haired Silvery Wolf with Green eyes sitting on Micka's Coat peering at the two. Micka was astonished and could not belief his eyes, gaping at me as for Nicky, she took it allot better than I thought she would. she was standing there smiling at me before speaking.

'.....Nicania?' she said looking a little nervous. I nodded my head walking over to them nuzzling into Nicky's hand and Micka's hand. he finally snapped out of his Gapped expression. I walked over to under his coat as I changed back, when I changed back I grabbed my cloths and dressed back up under the coat dusting myself as they were on the floor. I smiled nervously at them both , Nicky just walked over and hugged me and said the weirdest thing.

'wanna go shopping today?' she said smiling, me and Micka both did a gaped like expression at her wondering what the hell is she on? here I am just showing her something that people never see everyday and she shrugged it off and go.....shpping.....then again it was nice that she treat me normal and I smiled.

'sure! I need some new cloths like tee hee we'll tell Jake and Calire we of to the shops then yeah?' I said holding her hand as we went out, Micka was still standing there gaped and confused before Nicky walked up and poked his chest which snapped him out of it. I have to admit it was funny watching him like that, was hoping he'd stay liek that, need a new coat rack like....

'Jake, Claire, we've decided to go shopping, so we'll be back later ok?' I smiled as I told them, they nodded and smiled before saying have fun to which I smiled and went out the front to Micka's car he said we may need cab as the car has no gas left, I told them to wait a minute and went back in the house to talk to Jake.

'Jake? em, can I borrow one the cars? we ran out of gas in Micka's car so em yeah we kinda need gas or a car.' I said nervously to which he giggled at me before walking though to his study beaconing me to follow him. I went into the study and saw a box full of keys to which he pulled out a set of keys.

'here take your car, it's the Mercedes at front of garage, take sheet off of course should be clean and full of gas.' he said smiling as he chucked the keys to me, I caught them smiling going over and kissed his cheek before saying thanks grand pa, he smirked and muttered me Jake. I giggled and rushed out front. Micka opened the big Garage doors and I pulled off the sheet covering the car, it was a beautiful Black Mercedes Benz SLK 230 which Micka kept muttering over and over again, he was drooling so much I thought he could fill many pint glasses with it. We climbed into it, it was unbelievably comfortable and had a new car smell, I turned the key and the engine roared like the other car that Lee was working on. Micka was gaping more than when he found out my secret so I smirked and turned off the engine passing him the keys nodding at him, he couldn't belief it and kept sayign thank you over and over again. I went in back seat and kept Nicky company, she smiled and we sat there as Micka drove.

we pulled into town and went into cloth shops, Micka went to the sport shop across the street which was ok I mean I doubt he'd be wanting to be dragged around by us all day, even though it was funny watching him carry things we had no intention to even get. we took what we wanted to get to the counter and I was about to pay for it when all of a sudden, the person behind us pushed in front and paid for it all. He turned around and smiled at me before bowing and strolled out of the shop. there was no doubt about it, it was defiantly Marcus, that Vampire, but he was walking in sun light, and their was no crowd of others around him. I was confused but then I just smiled a little to which Nicky decided to do something rather annoying that she always done.

'So who was that? ya new cute boyfriend?' she said giggling. I stared at her awkwardly but couldn't help but giggle, we walked out to the car to see Micka standing at the car rather confused as he put his stuff in the boot.

'em, some random guy just paid for all my stuff....rather confused, you don't thing he know...' Micka said nervously as he looked about, me and Nicky giggled allot before Nicky decided to make a little fun of us both.

'oh my, Micka! you turned Nicania's boyfriend gay, that is so unfair on her!' she said giggling, I smirked and promised i'd get her back for that, Micka was still confused and was wondering when I got a boyfriend to which me and Nicky both covered our faces with our hands and said it was a joke that I never had a boyfriend it was to make fun. He adventurly got it, which was funny, i mean he is smart but sometimes jokes go right past him and he wont realise. We were driving back to the house when we saw a road block up ahead and about four people stand in the road smirking. we stopped the car staring at them, one of them slowly raised his head smirking before charging towards the car.

I had little time to act, I quickly took off my clothing and my locket turning into a wolf leaping from the back seat onto the bonnet of the car and running towards the charging person who also changed form into a black snarling wolf, which seemed rather intimidated that my fur was glowing so much, but I cared little on what he was feeling as I charged towards him. He jumped up to try pin me to the floor but I using only natural instincts kept lo until I had a perfect target rising up and biting the side of his throat making him fall to the floor to which I pinned him down with my paws. I never realised the others had turned also and charged towards me the one at the head of them was a Black wolf with a single White stripe down her back, who pounced on my back flinging me off the one I had pinned. I landed hard on the road slowly getting up shaking my head to try focus before I was hit again by another wolf, this one was brown with black tips on it's paws, he kept stamping on me with his paws relentlessly. All the other wolfs circled me each one clawing at me, Micka and Nicky Screaming for me to get up, the wolfs turned to face them, about to head towards them.

'I don't think so puppies.' A voice came from behind where I was laying. The wolfs span around and charged at the person standing there in a long cloak, they charged at him but before they could even blink, he kicked the head wolf back into another and grabbed the other two by the throats raising them up above the road. glaring at them he Kicked one away into the forest and threw the other one also there before staring at the two remaining wolfs ad grinned gesturing with his hand to come at him if they dared. The wolfs growled at the figure before running into the forest as fast as they could. the figure came and lifted me into his arms. before placing me in the car. He walked over to the blockade of cars and smashed their windows to release the hand breaks of all the cars before pushing them aside. he walked back over to the car staring at Micka for a moment before speaking.

'I belief I should drive sir, you seem to be in shock.' I opened my eyes slowly still in wolf form wondering what was going on, I looked in the mirror to see who it was, there was no doubt about it, it was Marcus, I remember the hair, the smile, the eyes, and most of all, his fangs. he was driving incredibly fast, was defiantly breaking the speed limit, yet he remained calm as if he knew every turn. he came to the house were he stopped the car and picked me up in his arms heading up to the doors of the mansion. Micka opened the doors and Nicky ran in Screaming for Jake and Claire. then came running and saw me in my wolf form injured. Jake clenched his fists so tight they drained of blood and was whiter than ever before.

'Was this your act or others Marcus?' Claire said softly. Marcus explained the whole incident as well as why he was there, and how he got there so quick just in time which was confusing. he was feeding in the forest at the time when he heard the whelps that could have only came from fighting animals so he went to check it out, and saw four wolfs attacking one Silvery wolf that seemed to be glowing. he could tell whom it was so he helped and brought the injured wolf back here. Micka and Nicky confirmed the story and Jake stormed out the house to his car, he was driving towards where everyone knew to be Saith's grounds.

'is there anything you need Lady Naranth, as much as it honours me to be in your presence to which it does, please don't get me wrong, but she is bleeding and it is rather a luring and making my hunger harder.' Marcus said softly with a weak smile. Claire smiled softly at him taking me out his hands and lead him to the Kitchen and pulled out a canteen that was filled with animal blood. he smiled softly and gave his thanks pouring a some in a cup and heating it up in the microwave before drinking it. he seemed to look allot healthier with in seconds of drinking it.
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'Could you be a dear Marcus and use the phone to call the third number on the book, ask them to come as soon as possible as they are the healers.' Claire said calmly stroking my fur softly placing me down on the table. I had bite marks and Scratch marks all over my body.

'Why can't you just change her back into human and then treat her, she'd be easier to cure then right?' Micka said with concern in his voice. Claire smiled softly and shock her head.

'If she changed back with these wounds she would catch infection that her animal immune system fights in this form, it is true that pure bloods can turn but she is too young to master the change with out risk or infection and possible further problems, she must stay in wolf form no matter how painful it is at the moment.' Claire said softly stroking my fur softly with a tear in her eye. we heard a car skidding to a holt out side and Jake and another storming into the house. it was Saith, he looked pist off when he came storming inside.

'Listen Marcus, I need you to tell me exactly what the wolves looked like, every detail you can remember ok, we'll go into other room, the Healers will be here shortly, we past them on the way, I'm going to make sure they have fast vehicles from now on.' Saith said as he, Jake and Marcus went into another room to chat. I could still hear them, Marcus was telling the whole story in his point of view, I heard everything that happened in that room, he said there was a fifth wolf, which I had not seen, but he saw, in the woods that watched the whole thing. apparently the wolf he described was the exact match to that of the hitch hiker that my parents picked up, members of a family of Tin'akan that hated the Naranth family and the village. two elderly folk came into the house, they were Native Americans from what I could tell, so I knew they were some of the town watchers.

'We came as soon as we could, hmmm she seems quite badly attacked, we'll need to start right away, can you make a fire outside please, I need one you to carry her out there, and some blankets, then we need privacy for the healing.' one of the healers said bowing his head to them. they took me out side laying me on a blanket, one of the healers was crushing some herbs as the other was burning some plant and chanting as he waved the plant's smoke around me and the fire. the second healer rubbed the crushed herbs on my wounds, I gave a sharp whelp as it hurt allot, they tried to sooth me and told me it's natural to feel pain, after they had applied it to all my wounds they told me I could change form when ever I felt ready. I stood up slowly staggering a little before pushing the blankets over me as I changed form, I stood wrapping the blankets around me as I walked into the house. Micka and Claire as well as Nicky all came and hugged me which hrt but I never showed it as their Intentions was good.

'Jake, no going after them alone, you know we don't need this right now, I know you want to but we must wait. wait until the meeting is over tomorrow then I'll even come with you to sort this out, but until then please, wait, and look after her.' Saith said with pain in his voice, I knew he wanted to let Jake do as he pleased but he knew he had to think about this. Saith came through and saw me standing there, he had a slight pain in his eyes as but came over and hugged me and whispered, "we'll find them, and get them, they won't get away with this attack, but we need time' to which I nodded smiling softly at him, he was amazed at my maturity and calmness of the situation and bowed before me, I returned the gesture but then realised you shouldn't do that when only in a blanket. I grabbed at the blanket blushing before nervously sneaking away to the other room. I saw some cloths on the chair and started to get changed into them.

'....very nice to see you miss but perhaps you should wait till one leaves the room before dressing.' Marcus said with a slight chuckle. I froze as I heard the voice.

I stood there for a while in shock as the blanket was on the floor and I had not cloths on, which I completely forgotten about. Marcus got up and walked over to me slowly, Gazing into my eyes with his big Crimson coloured eyes and his Long black hair with red tips and rather good posture, I felt as though I was paralysed by shock as he put his arms around me and whipsered in my ear softly that made my heart race and my knees weaker feeling his breath brushing against my ear as he spoke softly.

'here, take my cloak till you change properly.' he said putting his cloak around my naked skin. he was such a gentleman I could not belief it. Stroking my cheek softly he leant in and kissed my lips softly before walking out the room. I stood there with my eyes closed in shock of what had just happened. I shock my head focusing as I tried calming myself down, putting on the cloths before coming back into the kitchen. Everyone was there, they were smiling softly at me hoping I was feeling better from the attack. I walked to the fridge to get a drink of milk. I was still trying to figure out what had happened in that other room, i mean he, he kissed me, just out the blue went and kissed me. He also covered my body up, I mean he is a gentlemen and, well a great kisser i mean I was breathless!

'Well it has been a pleasure seeing you all once again, I should be going now before the house send out agents to look for me.' Marcus said bowing as he went for the door, I ran up to him with his cloak to hand it too him, he smiled softly and stroked my cheek before telling me to keep it. His eyes seemed to glow a little before he flew of in the air heading away with amazing speed. I was left there standing holding his cloak blinking. never knew Vampires could fly, that and my heart was racing as I thought he would have kissed me again, but I smiled softly watching him vanish off into the night then closed the door. I placed the cloak on the banister as I walked through to the Kitchen everyone there was smiling making sure I was ok, the wounds still hurt I had to admit that but I knew i'd be ok, I mean I was home and safe.

'Claire will start your training tomorrow, don't worry, you'll learn to master your gift, Jake will be supervising and helping also in training, your gift is unique, we will be training you as tough as possible, we don't want you to become some weapon, but we want you to see how far your gift can go. Your farther and mother was amazing in combat, there was no one that came close. We don't want to pressure you and we ain't trying to replace them with you, we just don't want you to be un-prepared when it comes to defending yourself. so give it your all kid, I need to go now, if you have any trouble remember come to me some time, I'll deal with it.' Saith said before Changing into his wolf pelt and leaving. he was huge in wolf form too, his long Black fur was amazing and he moved with incredible speed.

'em, don't worry about what Saith said dear, we will train you but we ain't gona be all hard on your training, but we will push you, we push everyone we train to do their best.' Claire said smiling softly.

'I don't mind how hard we train, I look forwards to it, I'm gona go lay down now, bit tired from the whole day so, good night all.' I said smiling softly. walking up the stairs I felt sore all over but it never bothered me, all I could think about at the time was being in that room, that kiss, his soft breath against my ear, I don't know why but I could not get him out my head. he was infections to say the lease and how he made my heart race beyond I thought possible with just talking. As I lay on my bed I pulled the covers over me staring up at the ceiling smiling softly, today even though was so dramatic and dangerous was a good day, spending time and telling my friends the secret was just wonderful I must admit. it felt good to finally be laying down on my bed, relaxing as my eyes grew heavier and heavier, I was finally about to fall asleep when all of a sudden, there was a tapping...a god darn tapping in the room, I couldn't drift off whilst that was happening. I walked over to the window as it came from that direction, opening the window to look outside, it was Marcus, he was floating at my window throwing littl stones at it to get me to come to the window.

'Marcus? what are you doing here? some of us are trying to sleep!' I said in a hushed voice, he flew closer to me and stroked my cheek softly again, it was as if I lost all feeling in my legs and almost fell over. but I grabbed the windowsill to support myself. He came inside my room slowly holding my hand as I was drawn to him for some reason. He stared deep into my eyes as he stroked my cheek softly before he kissed my lips again, I felt weak and dizzy again putting my arms around his neck to hold myself up as he placed his hands around my waist, he kissed over and over again, I kissed his back every time even more passionately than before. Our tongues exploring each others mouths as well as massage the other's tongue. He lifted me into his arms, still kissing me, laying me on the bed as he lay next to me, I was nervous, my heart racing, he could tell, he smiled before speaking.
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'I only came to taste your sweet lips once more, and to watch you as you sleep sweetness, so please, don't think I want to journey to the heavens and back tonight, gazing upon you, that is more heaven than I deserve.' He said as he stroked my cheek and kissed me again. I couldn't help but smile, he was so gentle and sweet to me it made me feel safe and cared for. I cuddled into his chest stroking his cheek softly as he was stroking mine and smiling. Resting my head I couldn't help but fall asleep on him, he made me feel so safe and protected it brought so much joy to me.
I slowly woke up peering at my side, I could see I was laying on some one, as I sat up and rubbed my eyes I noticed it was Marcus, he had no top on and was laying above the duvet that i was sleeping under. I couldn't help myself by looking at his rather muscular body, I smiled realising Laying next to him was not a dream after all, and that he held me all night. I don't know why I trusted this Stranger compared to most other men I met, but for some reason he makes me smile every time I meet him, even in embarrassing situations. I stretched up above my head yawning as I did, smiling softly at him as he lay there sleeping. I reached close and stroked down his chest and his muscular stomach smiling softly before leaning close to his lip and stroking them softly before getting out of the bed and walking to the bathroom. I turned on the shower letting it warm as I undressed to step in, placing my night clothing on the towel rack before going under the hot water. the water made goose bumps cover my body to start with before I relaxed under the flow of water, I placed my hands on the wall as I leant my head back allowing the water to drench my long silver hair, I turned around to look at the door, Marcus was standing there with his back facing me.

'Fresh towels here, I'll place them near the door for you.' he said softly not turning to face me.

'Em, you can...look, want to...I don't mind...' I said blushing a little as I turned to face him, to which I could tell he was smiling even though he never turned and said.

'I don't deserve to gaze upon your beauty, the only way I would is if you invited me to, but I don't belief you are ready quite yet, am I right?' he said softly knowing the answer already. I smiled whilst blushing before agreeing with him, because I wasn't ready, I knew hardly anything about him. I would need to know allot more before we would go into anything like that. Even though my body was calling for him, my heart and mind held me back, I guessed that would be for another time then. I smiled as I walked over to get the towel, wrapping it around myself kissing his cheek and offering the shower for him.

'Wish I could, I should return to my Manor, if I don't return soon chaos might occur, and my farther will send minions to search for me again, I rarely get to have any time for myself, it rather is tiresome. I must thank you though, last night, was amazing to me, you have no idea how much it meant to me, and I finally got some rest, so i thank you, if you ever need me, then go to the southern woods some time, it's where I hunt.' he said softly before leaning in and kissing my lips softly that made me weak at the knees again but I stood up well. He smiled as he appeared to fall out the window, I rushed over and watched him fly off with speed. I loved watching him fly, he looked so free and care free, which I was wanting to try but smiled never the less. I got changed and went downstairs, I just remembered today was the first day of my training, so I had to prepare myself for the training, I wanted to get as good as I could as fast as possible, I hated knowing so little about what I was so I thought I could make up for it with learning all I could about combat. I came down into the Kitchen, no one was about, I looked out into the garden where I saw Claire and Jake setting up some things in the garden, I smiled and went out waving at them. Claire smiled at me softly as she carried on setting up things. I helped them both out putting up the weird things that they told me too, about twenty or so minutes later it was done.

'Right dear, I will be starting your training, giving you the basics once you mastered that Jake will train you in the advanced stuff. I only train the starter stuff because the advance stuff in my opinion is boring which none agree with me but still.' Claire said giggling, Jake snickered also before sitting on the grass with a book and a bottle of beer.

'to start with you will need to be in your Wolf pelt which is what we call it when we change, and during the entire training, you will need to stay in that form, so takes allot of focus. I'll be going into my pelt also, we can communicate within out heads, no one else will hear, but you and the one you speak with. so lets change into our forms shall we.' she said smiling as she started to glow and change form, I did the same and in doing so we both stood there, my fur still glowing.

'now your in this form, to talk you just talk as you normally do, the thoughts find the person you try to talk with and then so on. that is how we communicate whilst in this form. it is safest way as none can try listen in, right lets get started, our main strengh in all of us is simple, we can manuvour around things better than most creatures in this world. I'll do the obstacle course and once I have you will do it, and once you done it you will go again to beat your time, and then finally you will do it with your eyes closed.' Claire said as she closed her eyes and sprinted at the course, she moved with such speed and force the ground tore from under her, she perfectly jumped over and ducked under all the twelve bars, she weaved through the tube that moved constantly, she scaled the wall with ease, she dived through the hoops, swung down the rope swing using her strong jaws and crossed the finish line in under thirty five seconds. she stopped and opened her eyes slowly, she was not even panting! I was amazed, but nodded at her. sprinting not fastest I could have went but still pretty fast. I Jumped and ducked under the bars caching my feet of the last bar at the end but kept pushing on, weaving through the tube as fast as I could almost getting caught at the end before trying to scale the wall, which took me a couple attempts but I got there grabbing the rope with my teeth gritting hard I swung down and let go a little early hitting my right back leg off the floor but determind I pushed on and dived through the hope to the end and landed that fine panting.

'You did great for your first attempt dear, about one minute twenty seconds, most male warriors couldn't do that on their first attempt.' she said smiling she nodded her head to the course for me to go again, as I did I went full out speed, some reason this time I knew what was happening thus I did everything perfectly, the scent of it increased which made it easier it wasn't looking at it but smelling it better.

'very good! you broke your record, that was just under a minute. I'm so proud of you. now, do it final time, with eyes closed, use all your other senses, and go all out, don't hold back, picture something you want to run to, that usually helps.' Claire said smiling softly. I did as she said I closed my eyes taking a deep breath trying to think of something, I had an image of my mother and farther, thinking of them made my fur glow even brighter which made Jake put down his book watching with total interest, Claire was also intrigued in what was happing. I sprinted through the course as fast as I could doing it perfectly not noticing what was happening as my eyes was closed and finished the course in thirty seconds flat. Claire was stunned, as was Jake. I opened my eyes slowly and peered behind, I had torn the ground completely beyond belief. I was shocked myself. Jake smirked standing up slowly stretching before smirking.

'ok, now you know the basics, using other senses as well as eyes, time for you to train with me, the advance stuff.' Jake said smirking as he changed form. I was nervous, something about Jake made me nervous a little, but i was determined to do my best!

'Right, I want you to come at me, attack me with all you got, I'll teach you basic defence, and attacks then I'll show you the advance things. Only when one has learnt to defend can one learn to attack, defence is better than attacking, only fools attack first, true fighters wait for the prey to attack so they can asses their prey before launching a counter attack. I know, I just told you to attack but that is to see what you already know, from what I heard you did pretty good on an offensive.' Jake said softly in my mind, it made me smile and in doing so, I decided i'd use Claire's training. I closed my eyes using my sense of sell and ears. I charged at him at blistering speed lunging my claws at him and diving and jumping at him, every time barely missing him, he was impressed and actually felt rather challenged but most of all an overall pride. He stalled dodging all of my attacks before figuring out the weak spots and with in a blink of an eye had reversed it having me pinned on the floor with him sitting down and teasingly yawned.

'ok, time to teach you our families most powerful defence. Our family mastered a way to slow out senses down, to a state where we could see the persons next attack, which sounds far fetch I know but how do you think I dodge every one of your moves? See, your the most unique Tin'akan around, the reason being is your father's family was the only family that could beat our families defence with their defence of incredible speed, which you experienced whilst training with Claire. So with our defence and theirs working together, there will be very little others can do to you, and when your taught the offensive moves also, well you will be ready for anything.' he said smiling before bowing a little to me.

'So, what how do I learn what you used just there?' I said back tilting my head as I stared at him. He smiled before nodding and replied.

'Sit for a moment, then I want you to focus on your breathing, calm your breathing right down, this will slow your heart rate for a moment and then I want you to focus all your senses on my movements, I won't be attacking but I'll be moving around rather quickly, even though it wont appear to be to you.' he said as he started to move rather quickly around the place. I closed my eyes slowly and focused on breathing, I could feel all the worry I had flood away there was only my breathing I was focusing on. I could feel my heart beat slower and slower. I slowly opened my eyes and focused all my senses on what Jake was doing, he was jumping and ducking all over the place, but to me, I could see what he was doing in a like slow motion. This was amazing, I knew he was moving fast as I have seen Claire's speed earlier and knew that the two were equal in speed and strength but his movements had slowed so much in my perspective view and senses. He smiled as he stopped.

'Now that you have mastered the senses lets test it out, I'll come at you with my attacks, you must defend using that defence, or if you prefer try mixing the two defences together into one solid defence.' he said smiling and bowing before launching towards me at full speed, I could see the movements easily and looked rather slow but as he came to bite I jumped over him and sat behind him. He grinned as he span round and attacked again, again I moved out the way, dodging every move he tried, he was completely amazed with the movements, not a single blow he tried could get to me, and I hadn't added the other part of the defence in either. Clare and him both couldn't belief I had mastered he defence in such a short time, Jake stopped and smiled before speaking again.

'ok, this time I want you to add the other defence in as well, you need to use both to complement each other in one solid defence, once you have done this then we can move on. Both me and Claire will attack this time to ensure your need for both.' Claire blinked at this before nodding and walked over to sit by his side. I blinked and was nervous, two against one? how the hell is that fair! jeez and I thought today would have been easy...both of them sprinted around me in a circle at their top speed, Jake dashed in to attack , I tried to jump over him but I saw Claire jumping towards me, I saw myself glow brighter and with amazing speed was outside her path to catch me landing on the floor staring at them rather worried and panting nervously as they both came at me again this time they were attacking simultaneously, I saw each move slowly but I was dodging them all with blistering speed that neither one thought was possible to which stunned and amazed them, but I slipped up....literally, the ground was damp and my front paws slipped forwards, I was stunned but then Claire and Jake had already swung their paws not noticing i had slipped and connected which sent me flying back rolling on the floor all the way back. Claire blinked as did Jake before rushing over to check if I was ok. I was not, my cheek was very flipping sore to say the least. I shook out of wolf pelt covering myself.

'....I slipped, going to get ice on my face now ok, so can we call it a day.' I said trying to stop any pain signs showing and smiling sweetly as to not make them feel guilty. which never worked Claire changed quickly rushing over and wrapped me in a gown taking her to the kitchen. Jake sat there for ages looking rather down, it was clear it wa snot the training but something else.

'em....Claire? what is with Jake? he looks so down.' I said gesturing to Jake outside with concern in my voice, and pain as I put an ice pack on my cheek.

'You remind him of our daughter so much, he misses her, one of the most greatest pains he has ever felt was the loss of her, no parent should ever out live their children. I still hurt too don't get me wrong, but I accepted it, I know there was something fishy about their deaths and I would love to find out one day, but I want them to rest in peace, and I feel the only way to do that is by accepting it and lighting a candle on their birthdays is only time for that. Sadly Jake can't find comfort in that, he even gave up being Alpha because he knew his depression of it would interfere with it. He loved Laura, she was the families most powerful fighter and when she married the most powerful member of the Dremore family it made him so proud. to see his daughter happy made him happy. he loves you dear, don't worry about that and he always will he is just still in morning. Claire said smiling weakly at me before holding me close and kissing my head. I knew there was more she wasn't telling me but I knew how to get the answers, I kissed Claire on the cheek before saying I was going for a walk, she nodded to me as I changed form and went out of the house. I sprinted out of the house and headed south. Time to see some one who never lies to me int eh southern forest...

I sprinted at full speed towards my destination with a cloak in my mouth holding it as tight as I could possibly could ducking, dodging and avoiding all the twigs and branches that was on my batch. It was like the training earlier but much wilder and turns I couldn't notice till last second, I decided to calm for a second and use my other training, using all my senses to speed myself up and sense things quicker moving at blistering speed towards the forest I wanted to get to. I came across a deer laying dead on the forest floor and at that second I could smell a familiar scent. I felt rather weak for some reason and as I walked slowly again around to check the area a voice came from behind.

'Still show so much beauty in this form also, incredible. Should help yourself to that deer, it will stop you from feeling so weak, you used too much energy to get here, if you don't eat now you'll most likely pass out.' Marcus said as he walked close to me smiling softly. I heard his words and couldn't resist the invitation as I stared at the deer. I slowly sunk my teeth into it's flesh feeling some of it's blood leak into my mouth as I tore away some of it's flesh and began to chew it slowly swallowing it feeling delight as it filled my mouth and stomach. I fed as much as I could on the deer licking my lips clean from the blood that had covered my lips before I climbed under the cloak and changed back to normal, it was Marcus' cloak to which he noticed and made him blush a little as he smiled. Before I was about to speak he interrupted me by holding me close before floating up to the top of the trees sitting on the top and placing me on his lap holding me protectively so I wouldn't fall, this of course made me blush allot....I mean who wouldn't, an incredible guy treating me with so much care even though he don't even know me? it made me feel so nice.

'Now, you can talk about what ever you like, don't want you getting your beautiful skin dirty on mud now.' he said sweetly stroking through my hair softly.
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'I-I think people are h-hiding things, about my parents, bout how they died.' I said nervously to him shaking a little as a draft blew making me feel a little cold.

'and you wish for me to tell you everything I know about the incident, correct?' he said smiling softly noticing I was cold. I nodded to his reply as well that was what I wanted, more than anything.

'I shall tell you everything I know, but I suggest we go to my Manor, all the information on the incident that I have is there plus you are cold, so we shall get you warmed up and into some nice clothes there, that sound ok?' he said offering me a warm sweet smile, I also smiled and nodded, he has been so sweet to me and I knew by his eyes he was only thinking of the best for me. He lifted me into his arms, cradling me close to him as he warned me I'll be cold for a small while until we arrived. I nodded and cuddled myself close to him, this made him blush more but smile sweetly as he flew with that incredible speed and freeness that he always did. he was right though, I felt freaking freezing! it was so cold, the wind blowing against us as he flew, and me in only a cloak, I was shivering alot to which he held me tighter almost reassuringly. we finally arrived at his 'Manor' it was a freaking castle! as we came close to the doors they opened up before he could get close to open them and there was an elderly gentleman on the other side.

'Welcome home sir Marcus.' he said bowing, Marcus smiled at him before telling him off as he never liked the sir part but smiled and walked in holding me still in his arms moving to what he called the study. He placed me down on the chair in front of the fire place as he lit it. with in seconds the fire became roaring high and warmth filled the room.

'Wait here please dear, I'll get a selection of clothing for you, you can pick from and chose what you like.' he smiled as he left the room, I couldn't belief it, the warmth of the fire was so amazing, I sat there bathing in it's splendour. I was so comfortable enjoying the wonder and delight of the warmth and also felt completely safe, I didn't notice the cloak was slightly open but it mattered very little, I took it off and placed it over myself like it was a cover smiling from ear to ear waiting for my wonderful host Marcus to return. about ten of fifteen minutes went by before he returned, but to tell the truth I did not mind, he could have locked me in there for all time, I wouldn't have cared, it was so delightful. He came back with a large collection of women clothing.

'They are so nice, em where you get them from?' I asked rather confused he had so much clothing for women. he giggled before answering.

'My younger sister's wardrobe, well one of them, she has more wardrobes than this manor has rooms, it's rather annoying to find the one with clothing...she has one with nothing but shoes then one with nothing but trousers, one with nothing but skirts, and so on and so on.' he said giggling before smiling at me sweetly and turning around facing the door whilst I chose and changed into them. I smiled at him and went over to look, I pulled up a corset that looked good, and some leather pants that looked nice then put a short shirt on but left it un buttoned before brushing my long silver hair. I tapped his shoulder to let him know I was done smiling as he turned around. he was amazed and blushed as he complemented on how I looked. He went over pulling out a few books smiling a little before taking me to his room, there was allot of stairs, he had to be on the top floor didn't was the longest walk ever, he turned facing me, smiling sweetly to which made me full of energy for some reason as I smiled back. we finally got to the top of the stairs and went down the corridor to his room, it was massive. we sat on his bed as he placed the books on the bed opening them to the pages about the accident.

'These are the accounts of the investigation team my farther sent out, he was saddened a great deal of the incident. Him and your farther where old friends, they grew up together, not to mention caused alot of trouble together. My farther and him made a gang you see, mixed with Tin'akan and vampires. they protected all families but also made sure to have fun which the elders did not like, any ways here is everything I know of the incident, which is also probably what they were hiding from you.' he handed the books to me so I could read them.

Report from Leader of Team Delta. Mina Farstake.
Arriving at the scene of question, we found three injured parties, Vincent Dremore, Laura Dremore, and Nicania Dremore, Vincent demanded that our team take the child into safety away from he village and gave this note to be given to Lord Ash Dracanus immediately. as instructed I gave the Child to one of the team members as well as the letter in question.
The car had sustained great damage from the outside which did seem consistent with the crash but the fourth person left tracks and blood smears leading away from the crash site, sent three to follow tracks which i suspect will come short if the hiker was not human he would heal with in three minutes to which would be no use to track.
Signs of struggles are very clear, Vincent and Laura badly injured, administered first aid best we could, not in wolf form, signs of bites and scratches all over. Vincent as Slashes over his chest that indicate that of some blade or razor which are clear. Laura has signs of whip marks over her, un responsive to any communication, is in a comma I fear.
Medical tems arrived as quick as Could, taking to hospital, doctors did all they could but blood loss too survivor. As I feared about tracks they ended shortly down the road, all signs point to one conclusion.
Incident was that of Murder.

I couldn't belief it, my eyes filled with tears and I almost broke, but Marcus held me close kissing my head softly comforting me every possible way he could, no baring seeing me sad. His own eyes filled with tears and with in a moment of this the door of his room flung open and a tall figure with long Crimson hair walked in.

'Do not cry, please, my heart can't bare to feel the beloved daughter of my best friend cry or that of my beloved son.' said the person. It was Ash Dracanus. Lord of the manor and head of the most powerful vampire family. As I said he was tall, rather young looking, in a long cape and old style clothing. he also had a sword attached to his belt on his left side and his eyes where the darkest shade of crimson I have ever seen.

I saw ash standing there smiling a little at us both before noticing the books that were laying in front of us, he showed me a compassionate smile before walking over to the bed and picking up the books. Closing the books slowly as he collected them slowly holding them in his arms before sighing a little and smiling.

'Vincent and Laura where two of the most wonderful kindest creatures to have ever roamed this earth that where my best friends. I loved them dearly child, and I will find the persons responsible, you have my word on that. The letter I was given. It told me to set you up in a home away from the village, away from all this, until you came of age to learn properly. They did not want you to be what we are were, icons that everyone bothered day in and day out every day of growing up. They wanted you to have peace because they loved you so much. They also gave me this key that I ware around my neck, to give to you when I next saw you, so here.' he pulled the chain that held a key from his neck passing it to me. I stared at the key for a while confused, I mean what is it for? yes I know to unlock something, but what?

'will you be blessing us all with your presence for dinner this eve? if your worried about Claire and Jake, I can call them and inform them you are here.' he said softly and hopefully also gazing at me waiting for my reply.

'em, sure, i'd love to have dinner with your family.' I said sweetly, Marcus blushed a little to which his farther noticed and smiled to his self. I knew then I would enjoy the dinner that it would be rather nice and new experience to have as I knew rather little about the vampire and about how they lived, not that I just wanted to come to investigate them and study them like some sort of science project or something. Oh lord it feels like I'm putting my foot in my mouth here, ok I wanted to have dinner with them because I was interested allot by these folk and felt it be great chance to enjoy their company more.

'Great, I shall inform our Kitchen to prepare a special meal for you, maybe some pasta, with some meat and a nice sauce. any ways I shall leave you for now to sort it.' he said as he bowed and closed the door. Marcus smiled blushing a little as he held me close.

'I am glad you having dinner with us, is there anything else you'd like to know?' he smiled softly gazing at me, I couldn't help myself I leaned close and kissed his lips softly stroking his face as I kissed pushing him onto his back as I moved to straddle him kissing him more passionately placing my hands into his pinning them against the bed as I kissed more passionately biting his lower lip. I stopped gazing into his amazing Crimson eyes mesmerised by their beauty and wonder before he muttered words.

'W-will you be my partner? I want to hold you and call you my own, I want the whole world to know that I belong to you, and no one else.' he said blushing whilst he gazed into my eyes, he seemed lost in them. I was stunned for a moment before blushing and leant in close to his ear and whispered softly like he had done to me before.

''Yes, I'd be delighted to be yours, and for you to be mine.' I remembered what one of the books I had read about Tin'akan ways and remembered that they marked their partners with a bite on their necks. nervously I kissed down to his neck and bit his neck which some how made a black marking appear which I didn't realise until I leant back, but he seemed to enjoy the bite gasping a little and pulling me closer into his embrace. we lay next to each other kissing each other over and over again stroking through each others hair softly for ages, it was so blissful I couldn't tare myself away, until I kinda had to because I really needed to use the bathroom. that was the biggest pain in the ass ever, here I was in the most blissful moment I have ever been in, in my entire life, and nature calls. Marcus smiled softly before getting up and walking me to the bathroom so I would know where it was, I smiled blushing about it as I went in to eh, do my business. After I was done I washed my hands of course as well as sorted my hair out before opening the door to see him waiting there for me smiling.

'Now you marked me, I would like to em, do what we vampires do for marking, if you don't mind of course!' he said blushing allot. it was so sweet that he blushed still you know even though he seem me naked and been kissing me for ages but yeah still sweet.

'Of course dear, mark away.' I said giggling a little, he lifted my hand and placed one of his rings on the finger that seemed to shrink to fit perfectly on mine. as fascinated I was with this weird trick of the metal changing it's shape to fit with out being cut or what ever he stopped me from asking by kissing my lips softly and smiling at he he took me downstairs to dinner. We entered a great hall that had a giant table in the middle with about fifteen people sitting around it. I stood there blinking for a while before Marcus giggled which snapped me out of it and made me blush a little before walking over to where Ash was as there was two seats free. Everyone else was watching myself and Marcus as we walked over to our chairs, Ash showed us both warm smiles as we came to sit by him. He peered at my finger and at Marcus' neck and giggled before gesturing to the service to serve the meals and for people to stop staring. Once the people had stopped staring I felt more relaxed, which was great, Ash smiled as their meals was poured out for them and I noticed I was the only one actually eating solids which kinda made me a little nervous but I was a bit hungry to care.

'Dear miss Nicania, I would like to properly welcome you to the Manor Dracanus. It is a pleasure to have you here.' Ash said raising his glass to me.

'Now we shall all introduce our selves too you, I am Lord Ash Dracanus, but you may call me Ash dear.' he said with a smile and bowed his head.

'I am Lady Recina Dracanus, Ash's wife, you may call me Recina if you wish.' the lady next to him said softly.

'I am Miss Joanne Dracanus, Marcus' sister.' the girl opposite me said with a sweet smile about her.

'I am Mina Farstake, Head guard of the manor, the rest of the people are, Clint, Simon, Ratice, Nico, Manic, Rice, Lissy, Nataci, Morgin. all part of my team to make sure security is at top form.' they all waved to me, I waved back blushing a little.

'I am Sarnaith Dracanus, brother of Ash. this my wife Denise Dracanus.' a guy said, he had a scar over his left eyes and seemed rather built, and rather scary.

'and I of course, am Marcus Dracanus, Son of Ash Dracanus.' Marcus said smiling holding my hand under the table. it was such a wonderful time I spent there but then, the doors flew open in and instant! What was happening!?

A group of people was standing at the Hall's door with a tall figure standing in front of them all wrapped in a long cloak covering most his face and not showing any of his body. He slowly walked into the hall alone making his way towards Ash staring at him and no one else. Ash sat there sipping from his glass slowly not looking at the figure that was advancing towards him or at the ones standing at the door way. The figure stopped near my place turning slowly to look at me, I was rather disturbed and clenched Marcus' hand to which made him respond.

'Stop with this disruption of our meal, and wait outside before I personally wipe that expression from your face and throw you out of our manor myself. Do I make myself clear?' Marcus said with a calm voice before sipping from his glass slowly. The figure looked towards him, his eyes showing anger that I have never seen before in such intensity. The figure had pushed his cloak back but before any of us could blink Ash was there with his sword drawn at this figures throat.

'You come into MY home, and dare show signs of hostility towards my son, and our guest? like my son said, get out and wait until we are finished our meals before you attempt to talk with us, do I make myself quite clear, or should I show you how sharp this blade truly is?' Ash said with such calmness it was rather scary, I mean here he is, with a sword in his hands, saying such things, and not just that, but the speed he moved, was just amazing. I was frightened but Marcus smiled softly at me, which made me feel safe. His sister giggled a little at it, and his mother also which made Marcus blush a little. The figure nodded before turning and walking out into the hall way to wait, Ash sighed and sat down.

'Guess some folk still don't know manners eh? Please, everyone, enjoy your meal, forget about that disturbance, I shall go sort it now, Marcus, would you join me please.' Ash said as he rose to walk out, Marcus nodded and kissed my cheek softly before walking out with his farther. I was left alone with the rest of the table staring at me because of Marcus' gesture. I sat there blinking for a while and blushing, I could tell I was blushing, until the silence was finally broken!

'So, how long have you and my son been so close?' Recina said softly smiling. I miss the silence that was around.

'em, not long, I eh he, he met me when I was living in a city and eh, kinda saved me from a drunk, then at the village he delivered a message to Saith but saw me and gave me flowers. kinda made me blush allot heh, then eh he visited me at night once to check I was ok, and eh kinda fell
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asleep together. BUT nothing you know, then today he eh, he asked me to be his partner, and I said yes.' I blushed allot when I said this, everyone else sat their blinking for a while.

'eh, ok, good to hear, I only meant how long you knew each other but....interesting to know dear.' Recina said smiling sweetly. I...had embarrassed ever. I blushed a little more as I noticed everyone else talking to each other and Marcus' sister giggling. Ash and Marcus came back into the hall grinning. Ash had a small cut over his right eye and Marcus had a cut on his lip. I watched them both and with in seconds the wounds completely healed with no scars as they sat down.

'So, Marcus dear brother, enjoy falling asleep with Nicania? I thought you said you fell asleep in the southern forest after a nice hunt?' his sister said snickering, I couldn't belief it, I covered my face totally embarrassed about it, his mother giggled a little and Ash blinked and gazed at me and Marcus. Marcus went bright red also clearing his throat.

'So, those guys have gone now, they tried making us go to some meeting that was not in proper arranged, thinking we were fools. I told them no and one of them tried to attack me! I was amused as they tried, they all joined in whilst Marcus here watched walking over to the cupboard getting his sword. Must say dodging all them was fun, rather dull though, but then again Marcus took care of them all his self, cept the leader, he got a lucky punch on him, but then I took care of him, I removed his arm and told him to get lost. Quite an event I must say.' Ash said changing the subject and smiling softly at Marcus and Myself. Ash was so sweet, always watching over us both. After dinner me and Marcus went on a walk together holding hands just talking about things, it was nice just us walking around together. I went to the phone to call Claire and Jake to let them know I was staying the night.

'hi, Jake? it's Nicania, just phoning to let ya know I'm staying over tonight, yeah it's fine with Ash, yeah I'll call if I need anything, love you too, give my love to Claire and Nicky, and Micka, good night to you all as well.' I said as I hung up the phone smiling at Marcus softly. We went to the sitting room to sit with everyone else also, we sat by the fire I was sitting on Marcus' lap with his arms around me. we both were smiling allot, we were listening about old stories about my mum and dad and Ash, they did some crazy things like once locked a bunch of people in one building till they worked out their differences which they found incredibly funny. Ash was saying how he was Vincent's best man at the wedding, and Ash chose Vincent to be his best man. His brother looked annoyed a little but Ash peered at him with raised eye brow. and said he had no right being upset, because he never even invited Ash to his wedding which was before Ash's but then they all giggled any ways. I fell asleep on Marcus my head resting on his shoulder my lips barely away from his neck my hands resting against his chest. I woke up giggling that I drifted of.

'Nicania? I hope you don't find this rude to ask, but, would you do us all an honour and show us your pelt?' Ash said smiling sweetly. I smiled softly and nodded moving behind the seat to undress. I stood there for a moment behind the seat smiling as I closed my eyes and started to glow before turning. they could see the glow still around the seat as I walked out in my wolf pelt. everyone except Ash and Marcus was in complete awe as they have never seen a Wolf that kept their glow. I sat next to Marcus nuzzling his hand smiling.

'a-amazing, h-how strong is your form? think I could....have a ride?' Marcus' sister asked everyone snickered a little but I shrugged and nodded at her. Ash raised a brow wondering how strong I had become, we all walked to the front door, I door there in my wolf pelt looking behind at her as she smiled nodding to sit n my back, she put her arms around me to hold on tightly. I nodded and off I went! top speed charging though the forest around the manor faster than they thought I could possibly travel. Ash was amazed and rather stunned whilst Marcus stood there smiling softly. As I came back I walked up the steps and she let go, her hair was pushed back and wind swept. Ash pointed and giggled at his daughter for a moment till he got a look from her and stopped.

'em......I have to admit, that was impressive to say the least. anyway I reckon we should all call it a night.' I changed form in the other room and got changed as Marcus waited outside. we went up stairs together to his room.

I smiled softly at Marcus as he closed the door, I went into the bathroom, I turned on the shower waiting for it to heat up, smiling as the water was as heavenly as it was as home was. the room filled with steam rather quickly, I left the door open to the bedroom because I did actually forget but still. I slowly undressed dropping my clothing on the bathroom floor and stepped into the shower, feeling the water rush over my body was rather heavenly, as I could feel my body warm up greatly from it.

'Em, I'll leave some fresh towels here for you Nicania-.' Marcus said but I interrupted him as I couldn't bare it, my body hungered for his touch.

'Wait, please, come and, join me? I would really like your company in here.' I said blushing a little, he blushed also before nodding slowly. he slowly undressed himself dropping his cloths on top of mine before walking over towards the shower, I watched him walk over, I was entranced by his body, his chest, his stomach, his arms, his shoulders, his eyes, his legs where all so perfect and his man hood, just amazing completely a dream come true, a perfect creature to say the least.
He slowly stepped into the shower placing his arms around me stroking my back before kissing my lips softly under the running water of the shower which felt amazing as we moved me up against the wall which made me shiver in excitement, not of just being moved up against the wall but because the wall was freezing cold but I smiled and kissed him more running my hands through his hair and then down his body.
He started to kiss my neck which made me gasp, I dug my nails into his back scratching it before kissing him deeply, Smiling softly at him I walked out towards the room. He followed me Slowly behind gazing at me as I walked, I took the towels with me placing them on the bed as I climbed on hem laying there watching him walk over to me.

'Your more beautiful than any words or poets could even try and come close to comparing. You even make my heart race more than I thought anything could possibly do, my only hope is that I can make you happy.' he said softly as he lay next to me stroking over my skin softly and sweetly kissing my lips softly. I gasped in delight at the touch, the kiss, those words, his beauty, everything he did made me putty in his hands, I was his and his alone. he made my heart beat harder than it ever has before, my mind think of things I never have though before, everything about him made me hunger for.

'Marcus....I....I am yours....and only yours, what ever I can do for you to make you happy I'll do, I have never felt like this before.' I said biting my lip moving under the covers of his bed, he blushed and smiled softly as he joined me under the covers. He gazed into my eyes lovingly as I gazed into his invitingly as well as lovingly, he whispered against my lips to make sure I was ready, I was, I really was. I kissed him softly before nodding and smiling. he smiled blushing as h started to kiss my neck, moving down my body slowly. He stroked over my Breasts gently as he continued down to my thighs and then my woman hood. I gasped and clenched the sheets hard as I lay there, allowing him to do his will to me, the sheer pleasure of it all was beyond what I could imagine. He pulled himself up slowly smiling at me softly, as he kissed me he parted my legs more.
I could feel his man hood pushing into my woman hood, it hurt to start with, I gripped the sheets as tight as I could. He waited inside for a while slowly inching himself in slowly as not to hurt me more, it started to feel rather blissful, I moved slowly and lovingly as he held me close whilst penetrating me. For hours I was left there in blissful pleasure and delight gripping the sheets hard as he continued pleasuring me, kissing me and gazing at my eyes making sure I was happy we both finally after hours or pleasure came to a climatic end reaching pure ecstasy of delight.
I panted holding him tightly and close kissing him weakly as I could feel the pleasure still running wild though my body, as well as I could still feel him inside me as he hadn't left my body, panting also he stroked my cheeks softly before slowly pulling himself out of me, I gasped as I felt him sliding out. he smiled as he lay next to me gazing at me and I lay on my side gazing at him before pushing him onto his back to cuddle into his chest. I just wanted to hold him close and hear his heart again, My heart was facing still and the muscles in my body were like jelly, I could barely lift any part of myself. I cuddle into him lovingly kissing his lips softly pawing at his chest as I rested my head on his chest, in an instance I had past out on it.

'good morning my angel.' Marcus whispered against my lips to wake me up in the morning, slowly opening my eyes I saw his wonderful smile and was granted a soft kiss to help me awake. I smiled and rubbed my eyes gently trying to wake myself up more. He brought me breakfast so I could have breakfast in bed, it was great breakfast to! he cooked it himself and it was great which is weird how some one who doesn't eat solids could cook so well...NOT that I was complaining of course.
As I ate it, I was granted an interesting show to watch whilst eating, Marcus was doing his morning work out, honestly there is nothing like eating breakfast and watching that amazing person doing sit ups and push ups just out of the blue. I grinned and went under the covers to change form, and in doing so I climbed onto his back as he did push ups, sitting on up as he did them, he giggled but continued with me sitting on his back. He smirked as he pushed up rather quickly making me raise up in the air and caught me in his arms smiling. I licked his face before changing back giggling as I wiped his face. he giggled also before placing me down.

'We need to get you dressed dear.' he said softly as he kissed my lips softly.

'and whys that?' I said grinning

'Because if you don't we may have a repeat of last night.' he said smirking a little

'and that a bad thing?' I said with a playful gasping face.

'yes seen as you where supposed to be home two hours ago.' he said giggling. I froze with a shocked expression as completely forgot as I had my training lesson to do! I jumped out of his arms flailing my arms running around trying to find the clothes to which amused Marcus allot as he watched me running around naked looking for my clothes to which he pointed to the bottom of the bed where they were laying neatly. He giggled and I prodded him in the stomach.

'it's not funny mister!' I said giggling myself. I kissed his neck softly which made him gasp and started to get turned on to which I stopped bending down to pick up my the clean underwear to which made him stare biting his lower lip hard, I got my corset and shirt on and was about to put my trousers on when I noticed he was rather.....'excited' shall we say. I smirked a little and put on my trousers whispering to him how it was a shame I had to leave. He quickly put on his clothing and opened his window before picking me up in his arms and flying out the window with blistering speed once again heading home. I couldn't wait to tell Nicky and Micka, I felt guilty that we never spent much time recently so decided I'll spend the day with them and ask Jake to train me the next day instead.
We landed near the door of the house and before he flew away I kissed him and smiled softly before going into the house, he still made my heart race beyond control every time we kissed or even just hugged. I strolled into the House smiling at everyone, Nicky ran over and hugged me tightly, I giggled and hugged her back smiling sweetly. Jake and Claire smiled softly at me, I went over of course and hugged them both tightly and kissed them both on the cheek and of course Micka was whining he never got hug so everyone went over and group hugged him! He got squished big time hehe. We all sat around chatting for a while before I whispered to Nicky asking if she wanted to go out today. She looked at me before smiling and nodded, we both got up and got ready to go out. Me and Nicky drove into town, I loved my car, Nicky put music on at full volume and with the roof down shoved her hands up in the air as she sang along to the songs that played. I pulled up by the pharmacy, and went inside, Nicky joined me peering at me funny wondering if I was ok. I asked for the morning after pill which made Nicky blink allot and never spoke for some time till we left and was about to enter clothes shop.

'!' Nicky practically screamed at the entrance of the shop. I blinked rather baffled.

'Em, I don't think everyone heard maybe you should scream louder hun.' I said giggling and blushing. Nicky covered her mouth quickly relising how loud it was and apologised to me before dragging me to the changing rooms to talk. I honestly thought my arm was going to pop out of it's socket.

'ok, Who, What, When, Where, How!?' Nicky said with a hushed voice in the cubical we were in at the time. I giggled a little as she was rather funny.

'Marcus and I had sex last night, in his house, and I ain't going into details how we did it thank you Missy.' I said giggling at her, she hugged me and wondered if I wanted to talk about anything, so we sat there in this changing room talking about everything, how I felt about it, how he made me feel, what he says to me, she was happy for me.

'em are you girls ok in there?' a shop assistant said from the other side of the changing cubicle's door.

'Yes, my friend here is just helping me with this bra and panties so got it all covered miss.' Nicky said which made me quickly cover my mouth as I laughed so hard about it. Nicky had a straight face as she had a gift of saying anything embarrassing but never effecting herself which was funny specially when she did a cute face whilst saying things. After we had our girl chat we went into shop picking out some jeans and other clothing. we had decided we were going to have a girls Night out on the tiles. We both were very excited about going.

'OH! you so need to help me with my hair though, I want it like we had it at the Concert you know. I loved it with the bangs curling whilst the rest straight and the back tied a little.' Nicky said beaming as we drove back to the house. We pulled up and ran up to my room to get changed into our clothes, both of us were very giggly, it has been years since we both went on a girls night out together. I guess it was because we were going into a club we have never seen or heard about before, which was exciting and an adventure for us both, specially as they played mainly rock music apparently which was great because we both loved rock music.

'Taxi is here Nicky, Nicania.' Jake called up to us, we were ready and came down the stairs, Nicky was in a Tight short black shirt with knee high socks, Converse shoes, long arm gloves and some tight Jeans. I wore similar to her except I had different shoes, more trainers than anything, as well as my hair was just perfectly straight, no real change. We climbed into the taxi and told the driver where, he nodded and headed of towards the club, we were excited and ready to go. As the taxi pulled up to the place we were amazed by the looks of it. We paid the taxi driver and gave him a tip also, he thanked us and wished we had a great night, it was sweet of him.

'Time to rock and roll chick one!' I said to Nicky, she giggled before replying.

'Thats right chick two! race you to the dance floor!' She said as she ran forwards tot he club. I gasped and chased after her giggling. we went into the club which was packed, we went up to the bar and ordered two drinks, I had a bottle of Vodka and orange, as did Nicky, we started drinking it slowly at the bar before one of our fave songs came on. we both smiled widely as we rushed over to the dance floor dancing with each other. We danced rather flirtation with each other, which made a few stare at us but we couldn't care. I was slowly swaying my hips rather seductive at her
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as she placed her hands on them swaying hers also as I placed my hands on hers. We danced for ages having such a great time. We went to the bar again to have a new drink and as we got there the bar tender handed us two drinks in which a guy sent as raising his drink to us. We took them and mouthed a thanks to him as we drank the. we went back to the dance floor and started to dance more, it was fun, and everyone was cheering and clapping for us, we had more drinks bought for us. but at the last dance we had I Could barely move any muscles. I was panting as I figured what had happened, spinning aroudn looking every where trying to find the Exit I said to Nicky.

'Quick, we need to get out of here, they.....they did the drinks....hurry...get us out.' I said to Nicky barely keeping my eyes open, Nicky Grabbed my hand and dragged me out as quick as she could, we were running down the street as she tried ringing Micka but her phone couldn't get signal, we ran down the road my the forests, I couldn't keep running I was slowly slipping. Nicky was trying her hardest to hold me, My heart was beating slower and slower. I held the ring Marcus gave me as a tear dripped from my eye onto it.

'M....Marcus.....Help.' I said as I fell over onto the floor. Nicky tried Lifting me up again but slowly fell over onto me. we had both fell laying there on the ground. I could hear foot steps drawing near to us. my eyes closed. is this it? is this what it comes to? there was nothing I could do, it was over...

My eyes slowly opened as I felt water dripping over my face, and I was blessed with the image of Marcus, he was standing there with four or five figures I couldn't tell at the time. Micka was picking up Nicky and putting her in the car, both of our clothes was torn. my eyes couldn't focus much nor could I have control over my body much. I could tell That what ever these fiends had planned was interrupted because I couldn't smell any scents around myself or Nicky. Micka looked angry and worried as he put Nicky in the car. Marcus looked so angry and about to break. His Nails grown longer as did his fangs and his eyes went darker.

'Micka, hurry up out of here with them, I doubt I can hold them all off for long, they ain't human that is for sure.' Marcus said as he took off his cloak and shirt being topless as he drew out his sword glaring at the people. Micka nodded lifting me up to put in the car as quickly as he could before closing the door securing me in the car safely.

'Micka, get help, they wont be easy, take my mobile here and call Ash, tell him about everything and get them home fast.' Marcus said before clicking his neck before sprinting at the people. Micka jumped into the car fast and drove away as fast as possible, not slowing down not even for the turns he drove faster and faster, pulling out the phone trying to pay attention to the road as well as the trying to phone the number.

'Hello? Hi, this is Micka, not alot of time mate so please listen, person on this phone told me to call this number as fast as possible, he is being attacked right now, my gi- no let me finish please. SHIT! phew, sorry anyway My girlfriend and friend was drugged by some Vampires they were attacked at some club now some guy called Marcus is fighting them. em high way 32 last turn off before the next town. yeah there. any ways driving need to go trying too get these home.' Micka said hanging up the phone focusing on the road. As I heard Micka saying Marcus was fighting alone, I could feel my body being mine to control once more and an anger. I sat up tearing off my clothes placing them over Nicky to keep her warm.

'Micka! keep driving home, Get Saith and Claire and Jake also, I need to help him!. Dont worry about me just keep going!' I said as I started to turn myself to my wolf pelt and pushed the window button jumping out of it and sprinting full speed back to where Marcus was. I was so angry, that I left him there, that I accepted those drinks, that I put Nicky in danger, as well as myself and now the one guy I felt so much for was risking his life because of my mistakes! I must get there to him! at that point I started to glow brighter than ever before moving faster than ever also as I ran to Marcus. As I got closer I could see Marcus being held by two guys, whilst a third was beating him. A pain shot through my heart which made me push myself more than ever before moving faster as I jumped up using my back legs to kick one away and sinking my teeth into the other that held Marcus letting him go. Marcus fell to his knees panting to get his breath back. I was clawing and biting one of them over and over again forgetting there was still the other guy who came and kicked me in the side making me fall over to my side. I started to get up, dodging his second attack and leaping up knocking him down clawing and biting at him. the other two ran over and kicked me down again, and all three where beating kicking and stamping at me.

'GET OFF HER YOU BASTARDS!!' Marcus screamed as he leaped up to his feet and charged at the three. One ducked low smashing Marcus' legs, whilst another kicked his chest and the final jumped onto his chest as he fell to the floor. Marcus let out a scream of pain. All three men where stamping and kicking Marcus and myself, it was so painful, and to make it worse the other two men were getting up. They joined in, two constantly stamping on me and kicking me whilst three attacked Marcus I tried reaching my paw to Marcus whilst he tried to reach for me, just before we touched one of them had Taken his sword and slammed it through Marcus' hand. He let out another yell of pain as he tried gritting his teeth. I couldn't bear it, seeing him in so much pain was more sore than what was happening to me. Tears filled my eyes, I couldn't bare it, the man I loved, laying there, being tortured because of my stupid mistake. I closed my eyes, praying for some miracle to end his suffering, I would have traded anything. The rain was pouring over us and with in moments something had happened, the men stopped, stunned in fear for a moment. I opened my eyes seeing one of the attackers with a sword sticking out of his chest.

'Get your filthy feet off my son you bastards.' a calm voice same out from the shadows walking towards us. I looked up, and to my hopes, Ash had arrived. He was wearing a leather jacket that had a symbol on it as did two others walking by his side. One was a tall gentlemen with long Silver hair and a Scar over his right eye, the other was a Lady with a Scar over her left eye.

'Who in the hell do you think you all are, that is my daughter your kicking.' another calm voice said from the gentleman that was with Ash. My eyes widened as far as they could with the current injuries. It was him, I could see from the eyes. He looked at me with a sweet concern smile on his face before he flung his cloak to the side almost Instantly turning into a big silver wolf with instance green eyes and long white fur. The Lady walked over slowly lifting me into her arms holding me close smiling softly at me putting me over her shoulder as she pulled the sword from Marcus and lifting him over her other shoulder and walking away sitting with us both on her lap. Ash and Vincent walked side by side towards the attackers who were stunned in fear and shock. Vincent leaped at two faster than anyone could see. It was just a blur as he sat at the other side whilst two dropped to their knees with their arms falling off as well as a massive gouge from their stomachs. Ash also moved at such speed standing next to Vincent putting his sword away as the final two dropped over. Vincent turned back putting his cloak over himself smiling at Ash. I slowly passed out as I couldn't bare it no more.

I slowly opened my eyes, I wondered where I was, until I realised looking at the bedding. I was in Marcus' room, I was bandaged up with a sling and bandages over one of my eyes and it hurt like a bitch! though i was not concerned with that at this current time, I cared more about the where about of Marcus and whether or not he was ok. I pushed myself up on the bed holding my head with my other hand when I heard a noise from the bathroom.

'I can't belief how well you grown up dear.' a soft voice came from the bathroom. I span around seeing a Lady with Pure white hair, deep blue eyes, her left eye with a scar over it. She was about six ft and her hair was about shoulder length, in a leather cloak and jeans. She had a towel around her as she was drying her hair and smiled softly as she walked over towards me as I was sitting on the bed. I was completely in shock when I saw her.

'Don't be afraid dear, you know who I am right?' she said as she came towards me.

' and dad....never died.....instead you abandoned me, left me on my own.' I said with all the painful memories of not seeing them in my life and having to live on my own before Micka and Nicky came along. She looked down at the floor for a moment saddened by my words which made me angrier.

'WHAT? you expected me to see you and him walk right into my life and think i'd go 'great lets all have a picnic and hang out some time' well you both left me, give me one good reason why i should be happy you turned up out the blue eh? hell what about Jake! what about Claire! they had to morn you both! Now you walk in here and think all is ok?' I said with tears streaming down my face, she looked at me with pain and sorrow in her eyes, Vincent walked in the room also, he saw Laura's expression.

'Laura, leave the room, I'll explain everything to her-.' Vincent said softly before I interrupted.

'NO! I'm going, I need to find the man I love because he went through hell to try and protect me.' I shouted as I stood up feeling weak and almost falling over. Vincent went to catch me but I wouldn't let him and used what little strength I had to push him back falling to a knee.

'You ain't been my parents this long, why bother starting now-.' I said before being interrupted by Vincent.

'That is enough! You sit your back side down on that bed right now and you listen to me god damn it!' Vincent said rather crossly. I have never seen a Tin'akan at his and her level, their teeth were sharp even in their human form as well as their nails were like claws. I was caught by surprise at his tone and did as I was told. Laura left the room to which he closed the door dragging up a chair and stared at me until I calmed down.

'Yes we did leave you to your own, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that, but don't you dare think we did this to escape. we were forced to chose between sending you away to be safe or watch you die. so excuse us if you feel upset about what we chose but we couldn't watch our beautiful daughter die ok. Anyway, yes we made many think we were dead but that was not our fault. if we never our whole family would have been killed. I'm sorry, I truly am, and so is your mother, she was depressed every second not having you in our arms as was I. so next time you see her, remember that. That key, there is a chest in your room, that opens it. You want to see Marcus? I'll help you walk there.' Vincent said softly as he brushed my hair from my face smiling softly. my eyes filled with tears as I hugged him tightly, crying into his shoulder, un able to stop myself. He smiled softly as he put his arms around me. Laura came in slowly looking at me rather worried sitting next to us stroking my hair. I held her as tight as I could crying into her shoulder. she broke into tears too holding me tightly. Vincent was smiling softly, so happy that both his girls where together again. I stopped crying for a moment smiling softly at them both before Vincent out of the blue lifted me up in his arms.

'Right! Next stop Marcus' bed, Ash will have some treats for us dears! lets Rock 'n Roll! he said rushing out the room, Laura smiled sweetly keeping up in speed with him. Vincent was like a big kid, he saw the stair banister and grinned as he jumped up onto it, sliding down them jumping on to the next one still carrying me, keeping me completely safe as we made our way down stairs him giggling before finally landing on the ground floor and running through the big doors smiling and panting as he saw Ash and Marcus sitting on the bed talking. Ash turned to look at us all smiling softly. I saw Marcus, beaten pretty bad but his wounds where healing well. It pained me to see him like that. Vincent put me down smiling softly at me as I walked over to Marcus' side. I held his Hand kissing it softly.
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'Right, Ash, Laura, I belief we should leave the love birds alone just now, and Ash! old buddy, old pal, I do berlive it is your turn to make dinner!' Vincent said giggling rubbing his stomach, Laura giggled at Vincent as Ash replied.

'I belief you have never made the dinner before Vincent, when will that be?' Ash said giggling. Vincent Blinked and look deep in thought for a moment, Ash and Laura froze for a second thinking something was wrong as he look serious.

'it will be my ten more years.' Ash and Laura blinked and covered their faces with their hands as they all walked out the room. I was stroking Marcus' hair smiling at him with tears in my eyes, well eye seen as the other was covered up at the time. He smiled softly at me with a tear in his eye as she seem the wounds on me at the time. He moved over on the bed.

'Come lay with me, please.' he said smiling softly at me, I couldn't deny anything too him, after all if it was not for me he would not been in this state. I climbed slowly onto the bed cuddling into him kissing his lips softly. He kissed me back smiling softly as he put his arms around me holding me close to his chest. I started to cry into his chest, which made him worry a little but he stroked through my hair softly. I begged for forgiveness for what happened to him, but he giggled and lifted my head up wiping the tears from my face before saying, he never blamed me, not once. I cuddled into him more still sobbing a little.

I lay there as the Light gently kissed my eye awake slowly opening it as I gazed at where Marcus use to Lay. Pulling myself up slowly I was confused wondering where he had gone as well as the added pain I was in also made me disoriented, holding my sides with my arm that was not in a sling I slowly got up from the bed making my way to the door. Stumbling around as I went through the door I searched for Marcus, I needed to check he was ok, I walked down the hall trying to find him, my heart was sinking as I couldn't find anyone, I was worried, I tried climbing the stairs to look up there struggling every step as I climbed higher. I was just about to fall but was caught.

'You should be resting dear girl.' as I looked up I could see it was Ash. He was smiling softly at me before lifting me into his arms.

'Why are you out of bed dear?' Ash said as he walked upstairs with me in his arms making sure I was as comfortable as possible and not hurting.

'I...I couldn't see Marcus in bed, and got worried, so I went looking for him.' I said with fear in my voice as I couldn't find him, Ash giggled before kissing my forehead.

'My dear, he is fully recovered, we vampires heal quick you know, I know your still injured but don't worry about Marcus, as soon as he healed he told me he was going to your Grand parents to tell where you are and bring them all up here, at which time we'll be hiding you, because well.....when Jake and Claire find out about Vincent and Laura.......lets just say it's a good thing I was planning on getting a new home.' he said giggling before kissing my forehead once more.

'He left a present for you on his bed and you parents will be back soon too so you'll have plenty company and I'll also stay with you till another comes dear don't worry.' I was blinking for a while as I heard what he said.

' completely....healed?' I said, Ash nodded before opening his Bedroom door and placing me on Marcus' bed pulling the covers over me. Ash sat down on a seat near the bed smiling.

'M-may you tell me another story...about you and my parents in the past. I...I guess I want to know more about them...' I asked softly to him, he was about to answer but we were interrupted by Mina. He sighed as he had to go but smiled as he pulled out his old journal handing to me.

'I wrote when I met them, everything we did is in there.' Ash said with a smile before leaving. I stared at the book for a while, before opening it slowly. I never wanted to read for the beginning so I just read from the part that it was opened at.

June twelfth, we don't even know what day it is, it's been a month since we returned to the village but we are all so happy at the creek. When ever the 'gang' was in town we were always sent away to do things, I know we are the strongest and that but it is not fair, besides Vincent and Laura are right, we wont be around for ever, so they need to learn to fight for themselves for a change. I know it sounds harsh but so is depending on us all the time. We are teenagers for pity sake, when can we be teenagers unless we do these acts, of escape and playful banter.

I as I turned the page I could see that pages was missing until a date of April nineteenth.

Vincent and Laura ran again, they never told me where but said when the time comes I must escape to the castle we spoke of, Vincent said he is back. if this is true, then this has all only been the calm before the storm. We can not allow this evil rise once more, Our children's lives must be protected as must the village! If Nimarack Dremore and Joana Dracanus rise once more, they will free their friend which was imprisoned l them years ago and we will all suffer. I know Vincent should not have kept his plan from us but he smiled as he said. I know when he smiles everything will work out. Even now I can hear that putrid voice ringing in my head. I swore to you Vincent, I will stop my Twin from reaching the prison, I know you will do the same.

I closed the book slowly thinking to myself. I was wrong, obviously this thing they feared was important, I was selfish with what I said to them. yes they were my parents, but they were warriors and up against something they feared, what ever their plan was, if they felt it was the only way then I should accept that. I smiled, I was glad to read this, I truly can forgive them for leaving them, anyway, they are here now, and I have a man I'm head over heels for. what could I complain about now?

'The Hardest thing we had to do was to abandon you. Your mother and I cried every night, even now we remember not holding you at night. Every night we roamed every city we heard you were in, looking for signs of you, just a glimpse of you. I know it is pointless to say now after all the years that have past and I know no matter what we say we could never make amends-.' Vincent said before I interrupted him.

''s ok, I love you and mum and I know what you both did was the only way. I love you both and their is nothing to forgive,' I said smiling sweetly at him.

Vincent stood there staring at me with the softest smile I have ever seen before from anyone, he was so touched in being called dad that it almost made him cry of joy. He leaned over and kissed my head softly, so soft his lips barely touched my skin before stroking my hair and turning to leave the room.

'When you get better dear, your mother and I....we'll finish your training, it's been ages since you been training as we both know, but we'll finish the training, together, as a family.' Vincent said softly before closing the door behind himself as he left the room. I smiled at the gesture he said. training with my mum and dad, it was like a dream come true, well considering I only recently seen that they were alive but yeah a dream come true never a less.
I lay there gazing up at the ceiling through my only available eye with the other one still covered up and healing. I missed Marcs, I know he was busy but for some reason I couldn't rest as I wanted him by my side, to hold, and kiss him. I was longing to be in his arms once again but I knew he had more important things to do at the current time, but my mind still couldn't stop thinking about him.
I slowly went over to the window to open it and let some fresh air enter the room as well as light as the curtains were closed, and as I opened them I could see everyone waiting at the driveway for Marcus and the cars to arrive that were carrying Claire, Jake, Micka and Nicky. I was then worried about Nicky, wondered how she was, hopping she was ok, that Micka had gotten them home safe and sound and that they were ok. I closed my eyes as I was thinking.
It had all just accrued to me, this was all only temporary, what ever it was that my parents and Ash was afraid of was still out there, and the reason they were so honest to us, the reason on which Ash gave me the books to read, the reason they were going to train me and Marcus. It was up to us to fight this thing.
Dad, Mum, Ash, they all have reached their potential and all have fought against this thing and even though they have made peace for alot of us have not finished of the thing, it was being left to Marcus and I. I had to heal and train harder than anything, if we wanted peace, it was going to need to be fought for harder than ever, and Marcus and I were charged with that responsibility.

'Marcus, I.....I love you...I swear I will get stronger.' I said to myself out loud as I stood there by the window with my eyes closed.

'I love you too....' Marcus said softly as he came up behind me. I almost screamed in shock! that bastard scared me half to death! he placed his hands around my waist softly from behind before kissing my neck softly which made my lips tremble with delight.

'I...I didn't hear you come in, or the cars pull up.' I peered at him being fully healed which made me smile. He had tears of pain in his eyes, I never knew what it was, I heard running coming up the stairs and dads voice as he came into the room with mum, both their faces filled with regret and pain as they lowered their heads.

'W-what is wrong? what is going on? Marcus?' I said worrying as I looked back and forth from them. Marcus sat me down on the bed as he went onto his knees holding my hands tightly in his hands looking into my eyes.

'The night we were attacked....Micka and Nicky.....on the way back.....they crashed. They both in a comma in the hospital.' Marcus said with tears falling down his cheek. My heart stopped, my eyes felt they were burning. My dearest friends, they were my brother and sister, they meant so much to me, they where everything to me, before I found out who I was they cared for me, looked after me. I never wanted to belief it. I started shaking all over as I shook my head in disbelief.

'N-No, there got to be a mistake, they......they ok.....they got to be.' I looked around, it started to become filled with people, Mum, Dad, Marcus, Ash, Claire and Jake, all hanging their heads as I was told. it wasn't a Joke, it was real, they had been hurt badly, and it was my fault, they all kept saying it was not, but it was because of me we were out that night. I felt such a pain that was un-bearable, I screamed out in anger and pain, mostly grief though and in doing so, my eyes changed, they turned more wolf like though still green, and my teeth grew sharper, my nails grew into claws.
I wanted to see them both, I started pulling off my bandages and throwing them to the floor, Marcus tried to stop me but I continued, Vincent and Laura pinned me down to the bed and tried holding me there. they struggled as I screamed out crying, Claire and Jake tried helping to calm me. Marcus couldn't bear to see me that way, Ash held him tight to comfort him. hours of pain and tears I sat there staring at my clothes before getting changed into them. I was going to the hospital to see them.

'Marcus, will you come with me, I need you there.....please....' I asked Marcus as he was about to leave the room.
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'Of course I'll be there for you, what ever you want of me.' he said softly offering me a soft smile before closing the door. My sweet friends, all our memories, and now, they laying on a hospital bed, because of me. I needed to say sorry to them, even if they couldn't hear me, I needed to be there for them. I needed to tell them I love them, they are my family also, no matter what anyone else says. I need them, they give me strength, more than what my blood does.
As the car was driving their, I sat gazing out the window, it was only me and Marcus going as Vincent and Laura needed to speak with Claire and Jake as did Ash as well. I still couldn't belief what was happening to my dear friends.

'Nicania...I love you, and no matter what you think, this was not your fault.' Marcus said softly as he held my hand and kissed it. It was comforting to hear him say he loved me but I still couldn't stop thinking it was my fault. It didn't matter who was to blame though, all I wanted to do was hold Nicky and Micka, hold them and make sure they know I was there, make sure they knew I would do anything to make sure they were ok again.
The car pulled up to the entrance of the hospital where Lee was standing. Lee offered a smile as I got out the car with Marcus. Lee was dressed up as a Doctor as he led us up the the room where they were both placed in. Saith was waiting by the room, he lowered his head to us both as we walked into the room. I walked in seeing them both laying there, hooked up to machines.
It was a horrible site to see, so terrible I could barely look at them and cuddled into Marcus' chest trying to gain the strength to go look at them closer. Marcus walked me over closer to them and pulled up a Chair to place between them and sat me down near them. he stood behind me and made sure I knew he would be there no matter what. Something clicked that made me have hope that they would be ok, but it was a long shot to ask about.

'Marcus.....I want to ask you something.' I said, he peered at me and said ask away.

'Could you.....could you turn them, that would heal them and they will be ok, you know yourself these doctors wont be able to help them....but maybe you coul-' I said softly but he interrupted me.

'I can't....I'm sorry....but.....Maybe-.' I quickly spoke pleadingly wanting to know what.

'My Farther, Ash, he could, but I don't know if he would. turning people is not something we condone nor appeal too.' Marcus said softly.

'Call your farther, please, tell him to come here and do it, for me, please.' I said to him with tears in my eyes. It hurt him to see me that much in pain but he nodded softly smiling softly at me as he pulled his mobile out and left the room to make the call. A shudder of hope came over me as I thought to myself, Micka, Nicky, hold on, I'll get help, soon you'll both be walking about, I'll do what ever it takes, I swear.

Marcus came back into the room sitting next to me holding my hand, he said he asked his farther to come down to the hospital to meet us, and that his farther said he would and would be there as soon as he can. Marcus got me to stand for a moment to sit on the seat, he then got me to sit on his lap smiling softly holding me close. He stroked through my hair softly which made me shudder with delight, even with what has happened to my friends he was able to make me feel some form of comfort, it was amazing, I knew then more than even there was never going to be any other, he was perfect in every way and I wanted to be with him for rest of my life.

'How ya holding up kiddo?' Saith came into the room and asked me as if he was a older brother trying to comfort a young sister. I smiled softly at him before bowing to him in respect.

'Hey no need for that dear. You two want a coffee or something? I'll go get it whilst you both watch over these two yeah?' Saith said sweetly waiting for a response.

'I would like a coffee thanks, and eh don't know if it acceptable but may you try sneak some blood here for Marcus, just I know he ain't been eating properly so kinda worried about that.' I said stroking Marcus' cheek softly, Saith nodded as he left to go get the coffee and I think he was getting blood also. Marcus smiled softly at me kissing my lips before holding me close. The door opened moments later.

'So what seems to be the matter, son?' Ash Said as he stood by the door seeing me sitting on his lap but smiled softly at us both.

'Farther, come in, please close the door also, need to ask you something.' Marcus said softly. Ash nodded and did as he was told smiling at the two of us before asking what it was Marcus wanted.

'Farther, I can't bare to see the woman I love in so much pain, seeing her friends in such a frail condition is torturing her, and I can't have that, normally I would solve problems on my own as you know quite well. This issue I can not solve on my own, that is why I have called you here farther, I need from you something beyond my powers, something that only you can do. I need you to turn these two, give them the dark gift, you know as well as I do, these doctors wont be able to help them and this is pretty much the only way, so I no 'we' are asking you to change them for us, so they will be able to be themselves once more.' Marcus said softly to his farther with love and compassion in his voice.

'....You both want this?' he peered at me with question in his eyes. I nodded to him before saying very much. he sighed a little looking over at the Micka and Claire with a little compassion in his eyes.

'Three conditions and I'll do as you both ask.' Ash said softly as he looked at us both.

'Anything.' I said as my eyes were about to water up.

'Number one, Marcus, you will be starting your training with me in three days time, Number two, they and you Nicania will move into my manor, and finally, I will do this as a wedding gift, you both are to get wed and shall announce it at dinner tonight.' Ash said softly. I blinked in shock over the last request, Marcus blushed allot before staring at his dad.

'What? those are my conditions, and everyone in the manor is sick of waiting for you to ask her Marcus.' This made me blink more in shock, apparently everyone knew this was going to happen! he was going to propose to me? since when! I hope to god I am not the last to know which I knew I wasn't because Micka and Nicky was in a coma but that is not the point!

'Well, do we have an agreement?' Ash said softly gazing at Marcus and myself. Marcus nodded softly with a soft smile, I nodded smiling softly but still held my sides as the pain killers I was on were wearing off and the pain had come back and it felt like it came back with vengeance! Hey, I just realised, I was engaged, who would have thought today I would be engaged, today kinda went lot different to what I thought it would....ANY WAYS, Ash agreed he would turn the, which sealed the deal. He asked us to wait out the room. Saith came back and saw us outside the room, we blocked the door so he couldn't enter.

'hey there, what ya both doing out the room? Should get back in there-.' I interrupted him.

'We wanted a break, seeing them both laying there just, it was too hard, plus we wanted to find and talk to you.' I said, Marcus looked at me funny for a second wondering what we wanted to talk to him about. We took him to a private room to have the coffee and so Marcus could feed on the blood that Saith had gotten him.

'So what is up?' Saith said softly as he sipped his coffee. I looked around the room trying to think of something then I realised what I could say.

'Life, it is way too short you know? well, Marcus asked me to marry him and well, I said yes, and I'm sooooo excited.' but that was it, I truly was. Marcus blush as he realised I was excited and kissed my lips softly. Saith blinked rather confused but smiled before speaking.

'aw your Grand parents must be thrilled.' He said softly before hugging us both. his giant arms crushed us both!

'well your actually the first one to know so please don't say anything.' I said. Saith took a step back gasping.

'You both told, the biggest news one could have, to me!? and not anyone else first!? I am so honoured and happy you both would tell me such a thing, thank you both so much.' Saith was so happy, he looked as though he was blessed. Which made him hug us both again, as if my pain was not enough. We sat there together the three of us chatting away about anything. the door slowly opened where three people where standing there. Ash in his long Cloak smiling softly and a tall gentlemen with short black hair and crimson eyes, as well as a short lady with long black hair, and crimson eyes.

'Nicania, so good to see you again.' said a soft angelic voice, my eyes welled up as I ran to hug her, to hug my sweet Nicky and Micka. Marcus was smiling widely. Ash smiled softly also before bowing to Saith, to which he bowed a little before walking out the room. everything seemed to be working now, My family complete, and now, now was to get married to one I cared allot about and knew everything will work out. Nicky and Micka will be by our side for ever, and no matter what we had to face, we could all handle it together. I actually felt sorry for what ever decided they would try to mess with us because this is MY family, This is MY life, This is my Love, and I will not let anything happen to them, not whilst I had air in these lungs!
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Hoped ya like it ^^ I'll be putting the sequel up as soon as I am finished writing it Smile planned it as a three story part one part from her next part from vampires side then the climax ending Smile
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