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 Sang Real now allows an alt!

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Sang Real now allows an alt! Empty
PostSubject: Sang Real now allows an alt!   Sang Real now allows an alt! Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23 2011, 21:55

Right then, as we had our latest meeting regarding what can be changed in the guild: Allowing alts will be allowed. Well atleast one. Credits goes to Joey for the idea of letting an alt in.

The server is very low populated and chances Sang Real will get more people into the guild is very slim - so therefor we could need alts to help the guild out to be both more active and help it gain some levels as well. There will be some rules however regarding this.

1: One alt max. I don't want an alt feast, so.

2: To be allowed to have an alt, you need to be a Knight or above. It's merely to prevent having 2 toons that doesn't show enough effort into the guild.

3: On events and meetings, pick your main character in the guild. Always. The alts will be counted as the less 'elite' type of soldiers and they can be on guard duty IC-wise while you are on the meeting with the main.

4: The alt can NOT go above rank squire. It's just to prevent having a chance to make someone use a, for example, Lieutenant and Grand Master, meaning they don't get much orders, but instead giving all orders. And again, like 3:, they are not as elite and doesn't have a chance to gain the same top rank.

5: Your alt may NOT be in the same unit as your main character.

This might be for the best, this change, just to get Sang Real a lil' bit more active.


Sang Real now allows an alt! Penguin1
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Sang Real now allows an alt!
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