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 Argent Tournament is set.

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Argent Tournament is set. Empty
PostSubject: Argent Tournament is set.   Argent Tournament is set. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 27 2012, 20:04

Good evening everyone! I would like to inform everyone that the Argent Tournament has been picked.

The Argent Tournament is well known for it's Jousting. Sang Real used to host it as a Horde event once a month, and now we're bringing it back - with a twist! The jousting will be for both the Alliance AND the Horde. Do you feel like bringing glory to your faction, or join in for the reward at the end, or to merely have fun? Then this'll be a great opportunity to do so!

The tournament will have 2 phases.

Phase 1: The Horde and the Alliance will fight seperated, each to their own ring. Each round is basic; 1vs1. The one who lost is eliminated from the tournament (Unless a 2nd chance is given), while the winner continues. This continues until each faction has 1 champion each. Once this is done, phase 2 starts.

Phase2: The Horde and Alliance champions meet in the big ring. Unlike before however; it is the first one to win 3 times, who will claim victory to their faction! The prize will include the Joust Champion of the month, as well as the prizepool of 350 gold.

The Horde side will be taken care by Sang Real, Turidas.
The Alliance side will be taken care by Royal Stormwind Military, Caedrin.

It'll be held every month on the first friday, 20:00.

Argent Tournament is set. Penguin1
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Argent Tournament is set.
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