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 Hard to choose class to join with? Check here!

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PostSubject: Hard to choose class to join with? Check here!   Thu Aug 30 2012, 01:28

This is a list of the amount of people we have per class, both main and alt wise. Main can be any rank, while Alt is 'unlocked' once the main reaches knight, and can only reach Squire as max. The alt may NOT be the same unit as the main.

Warriors: 0 Mains/ 1 Alts

Paladins: 4 Mains / 0 Alts

Death Knights: 4 Mains / 1 Alts

Rogues: 5 Mains / 0 Alts

Hunters: 1 Mains / 0 Alts

Monks: 0 Mains / 0 Alts

Priests: 1 Mains / 1 Alts

Mages: 4 Mains / 1 Alts

Warlocks: 1 Mains / 0 Alts


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Hard to choose class to join with? Check here!
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