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 Vanelia Sunwhisper

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PostSubject: Vanelia Sunwhisper   Sat Nov 03 2012, 22:54

Name: Vanelia Sunwhisper (Nigiesa)
Class: Templar
Race: Sin'Dorei
Level: 85 (90 Under Construction ^_^)

Short Biography: After years of Paladin and Templar training Vanelia is kind and giving. She is kind kindhearted to those who have barely nothing and will help anyone at no cost if they did not have anything to offer her. Knowing her past she has now gave most of her wealth to thoes who needed it more than her self and casted out the sins of greed and now is a mature young elf and considerate to those around her.around her.

How you heard of the guild forum : Cookie monster.

What you expect from the guild : Hugs

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PostSubject: Re: Vanelia Sunwhisper   Sat Nov 03 2012, 23:32

Hey, we'll try to sort some sort of IC interview as soon as possible, either by me, or if I'm away for too long, someone else will deal with it Smile
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Vanelia Sunwhisper
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