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 Lalthanir Silverblade

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PostSubject: Lalthanir Silverblade   Mon Aug 11 2008, 19:03

Name: Lalthanir Silverhawk
Class: Rogue (assassin)
Race: Blood elf
Level: 28

Short Bio:
There is not much known about his childhood. He doesn't like to talk about it, and doesn't remember much from that part of his life. As he used to say, his life started when he joined the forces of Kael'thas, after the Scourge's attack.

When the blood elves marched through the dark portal, led by Kael'thas, Lalthanir was among them. And when the group - now known as the scryers - left Kael'thas' army, with Voren'thal as one of his greatest general, Lalthanir was among them again. He worked for the Scryers, but he made a big mistake and he got exiled for that. As he couldn't return to Kael'thas (and he didn't want either), he had no other choice, but to go back to Azeroth and start over his life and work hard, so once he will prove his worth to his Scryer brothers, who once expelled him.

How do you heard about the guild forum: Turidas recruited me into the guild, so from that point, it was obvious.

Expectations: Firstly RP. Having fun and act like a biiiig biggg happy family Very Happy On the other hand, I hope to get help also. As far as I know this guild till now, it all will be okay.
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PostSubject: Re: Lalthanir Silverblade   Mon Aug 11 2008, 19:09

Very good to see you on the forum, Lalthanir Silverblade. Took your time, but never the less, you're here!
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Lalthanir Silverblade
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