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 Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven

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Blood Lord

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PostSubject: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   Mon Apr 01 2013, 17:18

This topic is dedicated to Bleakie, who many of us know and hold dear. I know it breaks the rules for being on the wrong section but, meep it, worth it.

I know things are not going as well as it could over there, Bleakie, my friend - but you should know that I speak for everyone here; we've all got your back when you need it. We all miss having you here around and I'm sure many here would love to have the chance to speak to you again.

I would write so much more, but as we spoke just recently, I think it'd be only fair to give the spotlight over to the people down below my post. Bleakie: Thank you for letting me get to know you. You're the best person I've ever met.

Luff, Benji.


Oh, hello there. I will stay behind, to gaze at the sun.
The sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father!
If only I could be so grossly incandescent!
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PostSubject: Re: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   Mon Apr 01 2013, 17:23

Hai Bleakie!
I'm sorry to hear things aren't going great bbuuuttt.... As Benji said: 'we've all got your back when you need it' which is very true! ^^
I hope things pick up for ya because what goes around comes around and all that shizzle :3 Annnddd, I look forward to playing a game you've made Very Happy

hugs and cuddles, Adam Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   Mon Apr 01 2013, 17:38

Yeah, what the guys said. Brighten up and don't be miserable. Take care of the immediate things that you can deal with and let everything else that you have no influence on sort itself out in due time.

Siverus says hi, too. And he's still awesome! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   Mon Apr 01 2013, 19:26

Hey Bleakie,
Haven't said much in a long time but as the others put above, everyone around here, myself included, will support you when you need it.
Things occassionally take a turn for the worst, it's common sense, what defines us is how we react to these events and make something from them. I'm sure you will be able to pick yourself back up and move on in life without remembering these times ever happened. Point is, in the immortalised script of Forrest Gump:

"It happens. What Shit? Sometimes..."

Chin up, calm down and take care. Have a cup of tea =D

Lots of Hugs,
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Grand Master

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PostSubject: Re: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   Mon Apr 01 2013, 19:32

Hey hey,

Cliche: There are ups and downs in life.

Cliche, but true: True friends are still friends when you are down, when you think, you are alone and help you and there for you, even if you don't want to.

We are here for you.

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PostSubject: Re: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   Mon Apr 01 2013, 19:54

Heya Bleakie, I'll probably be frowned down upon by many for posting this here but I felt like it fitted anyways, and I hope it bloody does.

It's true I haven't spoken to you in quite a while, mostly because I thought you had a lot of studies. But I just want to say this before anything: Talk to me anytime I'm available, which is basically most of the time when I'm ''Busy'' on Skype! Razz
Not going to shower you with quotes or cliches, because I like just telling you what I have to. So here goes:

When I got into Sang Real, you're one of the first persons I met that your personality stood out, positively. I really liked that, and guess what, it turned out, you're actually a great human being! The fact that you came to the netherlands was really shocking, but also exciting to me. I've never had an online-friend came close to me and actually meet-able, from another country that is. I remember that awesome games night we had at your place with another friend of yours: that was great and I started getting interested in making, or more specifically, designing, games, just like you were/showed me. So I've gotta thank you for that. I'm still trying to see if there's a possibility for me to somehow get into that study someday. When you left World of Warcraft, I basically knew it was for good, but you know, there's always hope. 2 years later, I understand exactly what you mean. Although I cannot deny how fun it was to RP with or against Sukidael, because dear me he was a brilliant character. Now this is not a post to praise you. Not like you don't deserve it or anything, but that's not the meaning of this reply to the thread, it's to get you back up there, as well as telling you that you're always welcome here (I did get a new address), just to hang out, to have fun, or anything really. That I'm always up for talks, especially drama talk because I tend to be a hotspot for those (atleast sometimes) Reading of how bad you were feeling I really felt sorry. I didn't really do anything to keep in contact with you. Granted, I thought you were too busy with studies, but that's not an excuse for not talking to you. So I'd like to say sorry for that. From what I've heard you're having quite a difficult time and if needed, I'd like to help where possible. So just spill it when you feel like it, you'll see if I'm actually busy or not. I don't care. I'll reply and try to help one way or another, because you're for sure a friend of mine that I don't slowly want to see our friendship disappear into thin air. I really hope all these posts make you feel much better, because we (or atleast I) ain't lying!
And especially Benjamin, although he's an antisocial douchebag sometimes, (Sorry Ben!) I'm pretty sure he's always seen you as his best friend, and I don't blame him. He means -extremely- well.

PS: even though I just play Starcraft II now, (sometimes another game, however), I have a big steam library so don't hesitate to ask for anything, especially playing a game. :p

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PostSubject: Re: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   Mon Apr 01 2013, 21:00

Oi Bleakie! I don't really know you, but from what I've heard about you, you're awesome and it'd be cool if I could get to know you. However I heard things aren't going great for you at the moment but trust me it shall get better!!! Just keep going and don't give up girl! :'D *Does some cheer-leading dances* cheers From some random person that you haven't really met but thinks you are awesome...well that couldn't sound much more stalkerish than it did. *Flails* I'm not a stalker! Promise!! :'<
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PostSubject: Re: Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven   

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Message for Petra / Bleakie / Bleakraven
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