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 Application : Marísa

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PostSubject: Application : Marísa   Wed Jul 17 2013, 15:36

Name: Marísa Shil'dai.
Class: Warrior.
Race: Blood elf.
Level: 25

Short Biography:
Marísa grew up in old Silvermoon with her brother and sister (Nymia and Tiradael). Marísa didn't have much courage, therefor she didn't want to fight for her city. Not many people liked Marísa as her family were known as fighters but she wasn't a fighter. When old Silvermoon got raided Marísa fled with her brother out of the city, Marísa managed to make it out of the city but her brother didn't. After that Marísa settled down in Dalaran and began to train to honor her family, Marísa trained with the Sunreavers and became a warrior in Dalaran but she recently got driven out of Dalaran by Jaina so she decided to move to Silvermoon for some work.

How you heard of the guild forum : Heard from the guild around, Role played for a while and always wanted to apply for Sang Real but been busy raiding, Hardly raiding now so thought I'd apply, also know a lot of members in Sang real.Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy 
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Application : Marísa
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