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 Korzak's Application

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PostSubject: Korzak's Application   Fri Jul 18 2014, 23:43

Name:Korzak Silverbrook
Class: Paladin
Race: High Elf
Level: 90

Short Biography:
Korzak was born in Quel'thalas over 120 years before Arthas' tainted the sunwell. HE trained to be a paladin from a young age. At around the age of 100, Korzak left his home in Quel'thalas to expand his horizons and explore the world. A few years later, Korzak joined the Argent Dawn after hearing of the destruction brought by The Sourge. He is currently a member of The Argent Crusade, doing everything he can to stop any undead who threaten innocent lives. His time fighting the undead and seeing what they are capable of with his own eyes has kindled a strong hatred for them and as such, he does not like undead in any form.

How you heard of the guild forum:
Through a friend (Daeris).

What you expect from the guild:
Relatively frequent and interesting RP.
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Korzak's Application
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