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 Shaulen's Application

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PostSubject: Shaulen's Application   Fri Jan 09 2015, 22:31

Name: Shaulen Saissore
Class: Mage
Race: High Elf
Level: 20

Short Biography:
Shaulen is experienced Mage, born within the walls of Stormwind. After the Third War, she left Kirin Tor to travel through diffrent parts of Azeroth, creating many contacts and friendships, even in few Alliance and Horde officers. Actually, her sister, Marlent, joined Horde and right now is stationing at Frostwall in Draenor.

As an independent Mage, she tries to stay away from war of this two fighting factions. Her personal goal is to learn whole possible history of Azeroth. It doesnt means she is harmless...

Although that she didnt born in Quel'Thalas. she have this land in her heart. After journeys and travels she made, Quel'Thalas became her new home... And she want to protect it in any way she can. Often  spoiling her enemy's blood...

How you heard of the guild forum : From Daeris/Ardryll

What you expect from the guild :
Ah, there is plenty of things!
1. Some way to train my English. It was hard to write such a biography in non-native language!
2. Entry into WoW Roleplay, but in my own way Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Shaulen's Application   Sun Jan 11 2015, 16:21

Alrighty, looks good. I'll contact you in-game for an interview Smile
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Shaulen's Application
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