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 Velhara's application

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PostSubject: Velhara's application   Velhara's application Icon_minitimeSun Feb 08 2015, 14:35

Name: Velhara H. ( If someone is wondering why I only placed the 'H' here, I want to keep her surname a bit hidden towards people for now. It's nothing against everyone, If I do, I'd spoil my charachter's story pretty much immidately. )
Class: Death Knight
Race: Quel'Dorei Ebon blade.
(Note: Reason I got Race up, is that also "High Elves" are actually even allowed in Sang Real.)
Level: 100

Short Biography: Velhara fought alongside the Humans and Dwarves as Quel'Dorei, pushing back and tried to stop the undeath blight from the Scourge arrival. Laid in broken state, she eventually got slain by the rampages only to be arisen again as Undeath. She broke free from the Lich King's will and joined the ranks of the Ebon Blade. Being part of it, she's now trying to find acceptance for her kind and trying to help people whenever she can.

How you heard of the guild forum : Lalthanir and Caleadith.

What you expect from the guild :
1. Improving in roleplaying. My roleplaying styles aren't the best yet, and I am willing to improve them as much possible I can. I can easily fall back in silence moments, so I want to avoid that.
2. Being together as group. I've been in several Casual groups what fell apart, and didn't contuine to work serious after a while. From what I've read, this guild has a lot of teamwork together.
3. My English grammar and senctences. I try to improve it by Roleplaying.

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PostSubject: Re: Velhara's application   Velhara's application Icon_minitimeSun Feb 08 2015, 15:13

Hello there.

Everything seems to be in order, so I will arrange an in character interview with you shortly.
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Velhara's application
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