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 Zinora's application

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PostSubject: Zinora's application   Sat Apr 25 2015, 22:33

Name: zinora
Class: warlock
Race: blood elf
Level: 100

Short Biography:
zinora is a dark magic artist! she has a special hatred toward scourge which still have NOT gained their free will and some gone insane.
also she has a special respect toward blood elves who chose dark magic.
she will use last drops of her blood to protect the children of blood and quel'thalas!
although she is cruel, stubborn and evil toward anyone who count as a threat to sin'dorei

How you heard of the guild forum : from one of guild members ( calaedith )

What you expect from the guild : _____

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PostSubject: Re: Zinora's application   Sat Apr 25 2015, 23:01

Good evening, Zinora!

I regret to say this but I worry there might be too many difficulties too have Zinora join into the guild.

"She is cruel, stubborn and evil. she doesn't like mages and undead." This makes it rather impossible to be in Sang Real as the duty is to protect Quel'Thalas and it's people, not a task for one of evil - not to mention Sang Real has both mages and Death Knights around that are treated with just as much respect as anyone else.

There is also the slight problem of the combination of a 'Warlock' and a 'High Elf', seeing how Warlocks uses fel magic and this fel would turn her into a blood elf.

I am sorry to say that your character might not be fitting into Sang Real, but if you ever decide to make any changes, I'm more than happy to see a 2nd post.

Best of luck out there!


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Zinora's application
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