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 Veosil's Application

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PostSubject: Veosil's Application   Wed May 20 2015, 16:44

Name: Veosil
Class: Mage
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 93

Short Biography:

Veosil was among the first Sindorei magi, along with his mentor and friend Remon Firesworn, to join Aethas Sunreaver and his plan to reunite Silvermoon and Dalaran as allies. Throughout the Northrend campaign the Sunreavers worked tirelessly gain the Horde favor, finally resulting in the Horde being allowed into Dalaran for the first time. However, Veosil's crowning achievement is being in the presence of Quel'Delar as it was granted to Lady Liadrin within the Sunwell itself. With the fall of the Lich King, Veosil and the rest of the Sunreavers returned to study within Dalaran as it's residents and guardians.

Yet, with the death of Archmage Rhonin and the destruction of Theramore tensions quickly flared and Dalaran became increasingly hostile to the Sunreavers. Eventually with the theft of the Divine Bell from Darnassus the Sunreavers were expelled violently from Dalaran, Veosil barely escaped, however Remon was not so fortunate and was captured by the Kirin Tor then imprisoned deep within the Violet Hold.

Now Veosil has returned to Quel'Thalas, along with the other Sunreavers under Archmage Rommath, to rebuild its glory as the seat of magical power in the hopes of one day returning to Dalaran and freeing Remon and the captured Sunreavers.  

How you heard of the Guild Forum: In game guild finder tool.
What you expect from the Guild: Hopefully a pretty active RP community centered around Blood Elf lore and just generally a fun environment.

As an additional side note; I have never done RP before, however I think I could get the hang of it pretty quick.

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PostSubject: Re: Veosil's Application   Wed May 20 2015, 17:37

Greetings and salutations, Veosil!

Everything seems to be in order and, as always, I am very happy to hear when people find the guild in the "Guild finder tool" and actually reads it and applies on the forum. Too little people who reads it fully...

If you ever spot me on Turidas, unless I spot you first, we can discuss when we'll have our interview and recruit you into the guild!

Looking forward to meet you!


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Veosil's Application
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