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 Ashalunea's application

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PostSubject: Ashalunea's application   Fri Sep 11 2015, 18:18

Name: Ashalunea
Class: Priest
Race: Sin'Dorei
Level: 100

Short Biography:

A young and ambitious Blood Elf Priest wishing to bring back the old times of glory which the Quel'Dorei were famed for. As a young elf she experienced the glory of the High Elves only for a brief amount of time and she feels a certain nostalgia towards it also due to losing her parents during the invasion of the Scourge. She wishes to reinstate this glory and therefore dedicated herself to the principle of the Light to help her race recover from the scars it has obtained. Even though she believes in balance and discipline, she'll always look at things from both sides for there is no light without darkness, no good without bad. She looks at everything objectively, 'out of perspective'. Nothing is truly good or bad, only what you mean it to be.

She draws her power from the Sunwell so she isn't that religious. She sees the Light as a guideway, a code which you abide in your own interest.

She recently received the title of Magistrix for her knowledge and magical abilities as a Priest.

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PostSubject: Re: Ashalunea's application   Fri Sep 11 2015, 18:58

Alrighty, looks good! Smile I'll contact you in-game for an IC interview ^^
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Ashalunea's application
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