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 Rhane's appilication

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Rhane's appilication  Empty
PostSubject: Rhane's appilication    Rhane's appilication  Icon_minitimeTue Oct 27 2015, 18:30

Class:Death knight
Race: Elven

Short Biography:
Rhane is that of a dark experiment, gone slightly wrong. an undead soul trapped in a body that looks living he has served his city as that of a puppet. a bounty hunter that is forever chained to that of his own people, used as a dog. with the mind set of a hero. Rhane is that of an under achieved warrior looking for something knew in his never ending span of life hoping one day he can be put to rest and his sins forgiven.

How you heard of the guild forum :
I heard from a few members inside it, and chose to give it a shot Smile

What you expect from the guild :
Just some good friendly rp.
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Rhane's appilication  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rhane's appilication    Rhane's appilication  Icon_minitimeTue Oct 27 2015, 18:55


Your application checks out, so I'll contact you in-game for an IC interview.
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Rhane's appilication
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