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 Deliies application

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PostSubject: Deliies application   Sat Sep 10 2016, 19:45

Class: Rouge (outlaw)
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 110

Short Biography: Dellie was left as little by her parents so she had to take care of herself. She thought herself the trade of being charming and sticky fingered to get by. One day she met a man who took her in and thought her the trade of piracy and assassination as she grew her skill became more refined and she began to earn quiet the bit and started living the life she always dreamed about traveling the world and meeting new people

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PostSubject: Re: Deliies application   Sat Sep 10 2016, 20:03

Looks good. I'll contact you in game and arrange a meeting in person to discuss the invitation and conduct an in-character interview.
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Deliies application
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