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 Forum Update!

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PostSubject: Forum Update!   Forum Update! Icon_minitimeWed Jun 07 2017, 00:09

A new design has been made on the forums as some people might've noticed. So. WOOO! CSS IS FUN when you don't know all the names of everything...! Either way, hope you all enjoy it!

If you find any bugs (mostly when you hover over stuff), let me know.

Many accounts have also been cleaned out. If you had an account that only had 0-1 posts and you weren't in Sang Real - or you haven't been logged in since 2010... well first off, hi, nice to see you again. Second, they've been removed. There were also a few other that I removed from people who left a rather bad impression before leaving. So if you lack any account that you used to have, sorry!


Forum Update! Penguin1
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Update!   Forum Update! Icon_minitimeTue Jul 11 2017, 17:01

Looks good.
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Forum Update!
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