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 Application of Sigorléan Raunien Systar

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PostSubject: Application of Sigorléan Raunien Systar   Mon Sep 20 2010, 00:39

Name: Sigorléan Raunien Systar
Race: Blood elf
Class: Warlock

Sigorléan or Siggy, is a surviour from the Thrid War and with that we has seen His people nearly wiped out by the Scourge and the evil Arthas, and with that a responsiblity to defend and protect the sin'dorei.
During the siege of Quel'Thalas Sigorléan and his young brother Dorsidion Help evacuate the city of Silvermoon, and when the siege ended Sigorléan and Dorsidion decided to pick up arms to protect their very fragile race from extinction. These advents has change him in such a way, that once a very happy and playfull character has now made him a very dark and sinister but in he acts is a cover for his true emotions, The lost of his family...........

Once again I would like to thank you for this opportunity to join your guild.
Im new to roleplay so please bare with me if you select me to be in your ranks

Ive been looking for a roleplaing guild for sometime I found Sang Real on google and was lucky to of whispered the guild leader

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PostSubject: Re: Application of Sigorléan Raunien Systar   Mon Sep 20 2010, 15:12

Hello and Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for taking your time to write the application ^^ And don't worry about being new to roleplaying: As long as you know the lore, you'll learn very well how to RP smoothly! One of our jobs to make sure people learns it. I'll contact you in the game soon enough for an IC-interview.

- Benjamin / Turidas


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PostSubject: Re: Application of Sigorléan Raunien Systar   Tue Sep 21 2010, 00:32

Thank you very much cant wait
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PostSubject: Re: Application of Sigorléan Raunien Systar   

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Application of Sigorléan Raunien Systar
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