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 Kifana's Application

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PostSubject: Kifana's Application   Mon Oct 31 2011, 16:34

Name: Kifana Winterbane
Class: Death Knight (Or Rune Knight, depending on your point of view)
Race: Blood Elf

Short Biography (Of your character) : Until recently she have been a part of the Roylat family, which she was married into. Originally no one really knows exactly who she is, but for a long while, she has been using the name Kifana, so that is the name she's used to, and call herself.

How you heard of the guild forum : Through Turidas.
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PostSubject: Re: Kifana's Application   Mon Oct 31 2011, 19:28

Give me a whisper in game, or write here when you're available for an IC interview before joining. If I'm not online when you are available you can also check with some other SRs, they might be able to bring me online Razz
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Kifana's Application
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