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 Ariana Winterblake's Application

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PostSubject: Ariana Winterblake's Application   Sat Nov 13 2010, 00:12

I am very interested in joining your guild after seeing its impressive IC and OOC structure and respect.

My character, Ariana Winterblake is a Deathknight looking for a new purpose after the destruction of the Lich King. She wishes to regain the trust of her people by serving them to the best of her ability. As such she is completely obedient and a hard worker with great respect for the authority of Silvermoon. She follows the path of frost among her Deathknight allies however prefers to hide her abilities among public unless necessity forces her hand.

I am online at least 1-2 hours a night but will be unable to log on occasionally due to my need for revision (i am currently preparing for upcoming exams) I have experience in RPing and will do my best to help further your Guild's reputation and will not tarnish it in any way. I hope you are able to accept my application and am looking forward to RPing alongside you if you do.

P.S: Your forum is fantastic!

Last edited by Ariana Winterblake on Sat Nov 13 2010, 00:21; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Did not know i needed a description of my character in it)
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Ariana Winterblake's Application
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