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 Kelthir's application

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PostSubject: Kelthir's application   Wed Mar 02 2011, 18:06

Name : Kelthir Darkwind
Class : Death Knight
Race : Blood Elf
Level : 58
Age : 150 Elves years

A little bit about myself Im a from the darkness and I advancually turned good. I was a slave for the Lich King, now not any more. My dad died when I was 40. I was so depressed, i was going to a dark gang. I was grabbed and killed. The powerfull and evil Lich King has bringed me back to life. Then he raised me as a Death Knight.I was one day saw that the Lich King betrayed me. The next day all Death Knight's escaped, so did I. I was running so fast as i could. Then I was searching for my mother, I finelly found her after a few months of searching. I said : Im back mom, im back. Then I was saying that I was killed, and the Lich King has bringed me back to life. I said to my mother : Mom, Im going. Then I left the place.
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PostSubject: Re: Kelthir's application   Wed Mar 02 2011, 19:39

Based on your application we can not allow you in at this time, if you wish to enter continue working on your character and RP. If you're noted by other members as a good RPer you may be accepted at a later point.
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Kelthir's application
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