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 Vytheon's application

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Vytheon's application Empty
PostSubject: Vytheon's application   Vytheon's application Icon_minitimeSat Sep 26 2015, 17:59

Name: Vytheon
Class: Death Knight
Race: Quel'dorei
Current level: 91

Short Biography:
In his life Vytheon was a very focused and dedicated man. He spent most of his time training and perfecting his combat with the help of his father. During the scourge attacks he fell victim to the Lich Kings command. After being freed he has spent years searching for a new meaning in life/death and has now decided to fight for his own kind once again. Hoping he can find a new home in the world he unwillingly betrayed and fought against.

How you heard of the guild forum :
Through RP I've seen the guild and was able to find the forum myself when looking for information about it!

What I expect from the guild:
Somewhere where I can practice and improve my own rp while also developing a character which is very different to what I usually rp.
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Vytheon's application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vytheon's application   Vytheon's application Icon_minitimeSat Sep 26 2015, 18:14


Your application's all in order, so I'll contact you in-game to arrange an IC interview.
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Vytheon's application
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